Never Have I Ever...
By mustang6560 on 12/15/11
Never Have I Ever, like golf, is a game played by gentlemen. And just like golf, Never Have I Ever requires its players to be honest and act with integrity. So now's the time to clean out the skeleton's in your golf closet and answer this week's question.

Never, have I ever, hit into the group in front me and not yelled FORE!

I’ve never hit into another group without at least attempting to yell "FORE". Whether they heard me or not is another story. Two weeks ago, the group ahead of me decided to let my group play through on the par 5 14th. They were already in the fairway so I waited until they cleared the fairway before I hit. Low and behold, I hit my first slice of the day and it was headed right toward one of the guys on the right side of the fairway. I yelled "FORE" as loud as I could because the wind was howling. But, apparently he didn't hear me because he didn't make a move to get out of the way. Luckily, the ball hit his push cart and not him!

It infuriates me to the n’th degree when someone hits into my group and I don’t hear anything. So as a general rule, I yell "FORE" more times than not because I'd rather be safe than sorry.

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bkuehn1952 says:
Guilty with an explanation. Like Mustang, I tend to be cautious and yell "fore" if there is any possibility of my ball landing near someone else. However, I have been caught off guard a few times. The most memorable occurred years ago on the opening hole in Venice, FL. The two-some put their clubs in their bags and got into the cart. At that point I started to set-up , took a practice swing and then hit the ball. What I had not noticed was the cart was still just sitting there. I was stunned and forgot to yell before the ball bounced off their cart. The "Ranger" chewed me out and followed us around the course waiting for an opportunity to pounce on me. Now I never assume someone is going to move after finishing a hole.
birdieXris says:
One time i was guilty but to my defense, nobody knew the guy was there. Back in highschool i was golfing with a friend of mine and we came on a par 4 dogleg. From the tee, you can't really see how deep it is, but there's a drop/ditch that runs across the rough in front of the fairway. We waited and chatted a bit because it wasn't busy and then my buddy hit. He hits into the ditch and we hear "AUGUHHGHHGH! WHAT THE FFF". hit him right in the back (or so he said). The guy had hit his ball in there and took his cart and all in with him so there's nothing to say he was even there. Must've been hawking and not paying attention to the traffic behind him because we didn't see him go in and he was in there for a solid 5 minutes while we BS'd on the tee.

I've never not yelled "fore" when i knew it was going near someone. That does twang on my last nerve though. having been hit and having been the hitter i'm paranoid about people getting hit with golf balls -- ESPECIALLY off the drive.
Banker85 says:
I have once. It was a blind tee shot and i was walking and didnt feel like walking 150 yards up the hill to see if the area was clear. I waited atleast 15 minutes on the tee after the 4some teed off. I hit my best drive of the day and they were still at the bottom of the hill about 280 yards from the tee box. I went over the hill and seen them and felt bad as i walked up with my head down. They were cool said it bounced right past the cart and said nice drive.
wrhall02 says: mistake...

It appeared the group ahead had moved to the green and I teed off...but a straggler suddenly appeared out of the right woods and I had no time to yell FORE! My ball came very close to taking him out. Luckily, I knew him and no harm no foul...but if it would have hit him...who knows what would have happened.
brian575 says:
Twice I have hit into someone. Once when I was playing a course for the first time and I asked how far the group was ahead of me. I was playing with 3 regulars and they said at least 280, well my average drive is around 220-240 so I thought I was good, I hit an average drive and no biggie. Next hole the marshal comes up to me and says that the group in front complained about my last drive, said it came up about 15 yards short of them.
Next time I was playing as a single and was at a par 3 waiting on a group of 4 to clear. I waited for all of them to get in the cart. Teed my ball, took a practice swing, stepped away, took another swing, then finally hit the ball, easily took 60sec or more and they did not move, never noticed, yelled fore really late but was a good 10 yards short, they let me play through on the next hole.
jrbizzle says:
One time.

The course I play most often, final hole is a short par 4 (drivable green - distance wise). I rarely go near the green (usually hit 5 iron) because it is protected in the front by a bunker, the left by the driving range, and if you approach from the right, you have very little room to work with. This day I was hitting my wedges good, and I figured I would hit a 3 wood and try to get somewhat close and try to throw something up in the air to get up and down for birdie. I absolutely killed my 3 wood, and buried the ball in the bunker while the group in front of me was on the green.

I didn't yell fore because they were putting, and I knew it wouldn't get on the green. Had I known I would make the bunker, I surely would have called it. They were cool about it though, the one guy told me as punishment they were all going to watch me hit my bunker shot. Thankfully, I got it pretty good and rolled it to 6 feet. Made the putt too.
homermania says:
"I was going to yell 'Fore,' but I was too busy mumbling 'There ain't no way that's gonna hit him." -Mitch Hedberg
homermania says:
Oh, and guilty many times on this one.
DoubleDingo says:
Have done so a few times. Each time was an accident. Most recent was on hole 17 of the CC. Duffed my drive, next shot is uphill from where my ball came to rest, so I grabbed my trusty 3W and smacked it good. Hit it well but didn't think I could reach the green from there. Well I did, and didn't yell fore, and tried to apologize for running my ball on the green from back there. They wouldn't hear my apology. The others were drives that I felt couldn't reach the group ahead because every drive up to that point was short. Surefire way to get a long drive is to hit your ball when a group is just beyond you maximum drive distance, because every time you will find those extra yards to hit into them. Murphy's Law!
BobDomecq says:
A couple of weeks ago, right after sending my drive to a waery grave, I dropped about 210 yds away from the green. The group in front where playing the green. I waited and after some time decided to play a lay up, some 30 or 40yds short of the green. So I took my 5 iron aimed in the general direction of the right greenside bunker and shot. I'm far from a bomber, a 5 iron usually goes 170yds. But I just smashed this one. Still, while I enjoyed watching it fly, it never occured to me it would carry all the way to the green, so I didn't yell. Only when the ball bounced against the bunker and rolled on to the green I finally realized how close it was. Luckily I didn't hit any of the guys standing on the green.
cvargo says:
I have only been golfing for a few years and I always yell fore! always! (i hit into other fairways sometimes). But one time I had this amazing drive that hit a cart path that cuts through the middle of the fairway, the ball bounced like a rocketballz (sorry couldn't resist) and launched over another 100 yards. The hole was a par 5 and I hit originally knowing that I would be fine and not hit into the group but after the amazing bounce I was a little in awe because It ended being about 400 yard drive with assistance. I did apologize to the group in front of me and they understood. I ended up paring the hole. I wish i could putt better
Dusty23 says:
i can honestly say that i have never purposely hit into a group ahead of me... though the thought has crossed my mind. I did get blamed for one however, playing in an Air Force league, Unit Commander was in group ahead just starting to leave green, my playing partner asks if i think he can reach them, we're about 230 out, i notice he's going to hit Driver off the deck(this guy couldn't hit it 230 off a tee), i say go for it, he hits one about a foot off the ground, ball rolls between Commander and her playing partner, she looked back and assumed i hit it, she never liked me anyhow, wish i had
dottomm says:
Just recently hit onto the green into the group ahead of us. I felt pretty bad, but I also felt kinda bitching 'cuz I never thought Id reach 'em and it rolled to tap-in birdie. They were nice enough to let my ball stay there. I'm not so sure I would have.
In a turn of events, making the turn, the group ahead of us must of gone to grab a drink or something cause the next thing I know, I'm in the middle of the fairway and the same group is hitting into us.
Panerai111 says:
Only time I've ever came close was on 398 par 4. The group in front is about 110ish out and walking towards the green. So I tee off with driver. Only I didn't notice the tees were moved up and it was more like 330 yds and I smoked it right pass the group in front. I didn't yell fore either because no way would my drive go that far if I knew the right distance. I felt sooo bad.
mmontisano says:
never on purpose. mostly when they're hidden from view which doesn't happen often. i've been hit by a golf ball 3 times and even a club once, so i usually try to be as careful as i can.
Ben Crane says:
Done it several times. Always unintentionally. One time tatered a 3W to the green while the group was putting. Had one of the guys come up and shake my hand on a heck of a shot from where I was. Don't remember the exact yardage.
shaffer1969 says:
Last year had a situation similar to Ben Crane's. It was during our annual Pennsyltucky summer drought. I normally hit my 3W ~200 yards. This shot was ~230 and way up hill. I thought there was no way I would reach the green. My ball rolled through the green as the group ahead of me was putting. I apologized but they didn't seem bothered by it.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
You all will enjoy this one. I was playing with a couple guys and WAS hitting the ball fairly well until I reached the 9th green. A bad case of the "S" word showed up out of no where. I finally made it just short of the green about 20-25 yards and just needed a nice easy pitch toward the pin. There's a guy sitting is his cart by the club house and my shot ricochets off of his tire. I apologized while feeling completely stupid, dropped another ball, and zinged it right thru his cart inches from his head. I told him, "better move, dude". Never had the chance to yell "FORE".
DoubleDingo says:
I had a similar one to Ben Crane as well. Back in '07 I had taken a vacation day to go golfing. Was on #4 and my drive left me about 270 out. My 3w is good for about 230 tops, so I thought. I planned to land it in the front of the green, and try to chip and putt for a par. I walked up and asked the group on the green if they saw my ball. They pointed to it about 10 feet from the hole, and said it rolled right through them as they putted. I apologized for doing so, and admitted I had no idea I could hit that club that far. They said to go ahead and finish out and play through since I was a single and they were a foursome. I thanked them and apologized again before moving on.
crazymg69 says:
I have an experience that I am not too proud of now. I had only been playing a few months and hitting any shot more than @#$$ distance was difficult. There was a group ahead of us and I swear to this day that the guy hit a second shot and was walking toward the green. I did not know the jack@@@ was taking practice swings and then finding a yard maker prior to addressing his ball. Short story, I hit my hybrid 210 yards (only time ever!!!) within 5 feet of said jack@@@. I immediately drove up to apologize, but he didn't want to hear any of it. I think he would have pushed the issue more if I had not reassured him that I was new and play golf to ease my PTSD and would shove the aforementioned piece of crap hybrid up his never region. All in all, I have learned to holler "fore" and if I accidently hit into a group not to drive up and try to apologize. I have found that a wave will suffice unless they are waiting at the green for you, then I tend to putt with my hybrid.
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