Never have I ever ...
By mustang6560 on 5/31/12
Never Have I Ever, like golf, is a game played by gentlemen. And just like golf, Never Have I Ever requires its players to be honest and act with integrity. So now's the time to clean out the skeleton's in your golf closet and answer this week's question.

Never have I ever snuck onto a golf course after hours to play golf?

I've never snuck onto a golf course after hours, but I imagine (/hope) there are a few oobers who have some great stories to share involving golf, after-hour activities, and sneaking around.

Do tell.

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bkuehn1952 says:
Guilty. One of many times - the course was closed (rained most of the day). We parked along the road, walked through some woods and began playing. After a couple holes we could hear a muffled P.A. system with someone talking. Off in the distance we could see a police car with its bubble lights on. We strolled over and the officers were paging the car owner (us) to advise us it was illegal to park where we were. When we told the officers we were the car owners, they said move the car to a nearby parking lot and if we wanted to continue playing, that was okay with them but we should stay away from the holes near the road.
DaRupp13 says:
Does it count if you work at the course? If yes, does it count if you were technically on the clock? If yes, also guilty.
Goodlow20 says:
Guilty. My parents lived on a golf course after I graduated college, so after work I would go by for dinner and then hit the course. The set up allowed me to jump on the 3rd hole from their backyard and play a cycle of 9 holes, where the 11th hole ran parallel to the 3rd, returning me to their backyard.
DoubleDingo says:
Guilty, but not to golf. Growing up on a golf course, when the parents went to town to the bar we would go race the golf carts until they got hot and then switch them out for fresh ones. I had a bunch of keys that fit every single cart there whether they were rental or private. The fastest cart out there was the stepdad's cart and we ran the piss out of it because he was an a-hole-e-o.
DoubleDingo says:
And guilty, and again, not for golf, if you know what I mean. Tee box on Hole 12 at my current country club is a special spot for me and the girlfriend.
hughesj says:
SpaceMaNy0 says:
She might be upset you consider it Hole 12. If you know what I mean.
Joness says:
A local course goes under a major bridge. There are two par 3s right next to the bridge that get a fair bit of light from the street lights on the bridge. A mate and I used to play those two holes for hours in the dark on a weeknight. One goes away from the light and you can see where your ball goes but it is a bit dark trying to find it. The other goes towards the light. You have not idea where you have hit it off the tee, but when you get up there it is light enough to find it.
Duffer 83 says:
I used to sneak on to my home course all the time when I was a teenager to play night golf with glow balls and with what ever girl was the flavor of the week. Not to brag too much but once I had two girls putting with me on number 3's green on my home course, I some how forgot my putter though.
bobhooe says:
if you havnt done this you don't love the game or are too old to run.
homermania says:
My parents house borders the sixth hole of a country club we don't belong to. It played as a 60-80 par 3 from the back of our deck. I used to sky balls over the treeline, go up and putt and chip all the time. Chased off more than once.
Jbeck says:
Done It, probably do it again.
bducharm says:
Used to do it all the time. When I was stationed at Minot AFB ND, we would go out at 7:00 pm and could play 9 very easily before it got dark! Also took the wife out to the ladies tee on #10 of our home course one night and well, you know!!!
c5agalb says:
I was vacationing at a timeshare in Williamsburg, VA and Williamsburg National ran through the complex, went out a couple of times at twlight and played several holes.
Tim Horan says:
Every opportunity - early before the gates are soon as it is light enough to see in which direction the first drive takes off. And again late on when you finish the round under the lights from the veranda and the bar beyond. GUILTY AS CHARGED
1hawkeye1 says:
At my local course, two weeks after it closed for the season, we had an unusually warm day. Since it was the day before Thanksgiving I figured there would be no one around. I was wrong. About hole number 6 a cart started coming toward me. I figured I was about to get ejected.
The guy drives up and says, "Is it OK if I play out here? I thought the course was closed?"
I said, "Go ahead, it's ok with me." LOL!
biglou11 says:
Not sure if this counts:
One of the Country Clubs in our area is closed on Mondays. Every now and then I'll play with one of the members who keeps own cart in his garage (he lives near the clubhouse). The great thing is since it's "closed", no one else is out there and we can finish 18 holes in 2 hrs.
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