Holiday Wish List: Drizzle Stik
By Kickntrue on 11/24/06
Our Take
The Drizzle Stik, a must have for every serious golfer. Why? Because ever serious golfer I know carries one. It's perfect for wet days and keeping those clubs dry, without all the hassle of zipping and unzipping a a hooded cover. The Drizzle Stik is just an umbrella that opens over your clubs attached to a stick that slides down into the bag. You can choose from a variety of colors so even the most fashion conscious golfer can feel like they're looking good.

Price Range
Around $12-$15

Where to Buy
Click here to buy!

Company Line
The Drizzle Stik is the best way to protect your clubs from the elements. Its unique design allows it to stay securely in the bag, so you can play without worry.

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