"You lost ANOTHER ball?"
Holiday Wish List: Prank Gifts
By Kickntrue on 11/27/06
Our Take
Buying a gift for a regular playing partner is always a tricky thing. You want to get him or her something that shows your appreciation, but beating them endlessly is too much fun to go get them something that will help their game. A prank gift can be the perfect fit. It shows you care, but not so much that you're weird. Check out this site for some ideas. My favorite are the camouflage balls.

Price Range
Under $20

Where to Buy
Click here to buy!

Company Line
Most golfers take their game pretty seriously, but everyone needs to laugh every now and then. Have some fun on the greens and fairways with our hilarious lineup of golfing pranks and gags. From our trick golf balls to our funny golf games, we have everything you could want to have some laughs with the golfers in your life!

*Here is another gag gift I found too funny not to link. That said- it may not be appropriate for all audiences. This link contains adult humor, click at your own risk. Protect your wood.

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