Holiday Wish List: Golf Ball Ice Cube Tray
By Kickntrue on 11/29/06
Our Take
A Golf Ball Ice Cube Tray is a perfect stocking stuffer and great for a low budget. At only $10, it's a fun way to say "Happy Holidays" and "See- I put some thought into this because I know you like golf." And isn't that what it's really all about?

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Company Line
Nothing beats a cool drink after a round of golf. That is, until now, golf ball ice cubes are an instant hit. Each tray makes 10 golf ball ice cubes. That doesn't even make sense, golf ball ice cubes, talk about oxymoron.

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klangdon says:
These are only half balls right, or does the top and bottom somehow come together?
Kickntrue says:
Almost positive- they come together. I get that idea from the picture and from just the idea that water expands...etc.

I think you fill in the half, the cover with the other half- and when the water expands- you have full golf balls. BTW- I love the idea- but could the company line be any cheesier? "That doesn't even make sense, golf ball ice cubes, talk about oxymoron."
brad465 says:
Water expands, but it doesn't DOUBLE in volume, silly. There are holes in the top cover. It works because you put too much water in the bottom half, and when you press the top half on, the water is squeezed from the cracks and fills the top-half of the golf balls. Excess water is ejected from the holes in the top.
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