Flair Hair Sure Is Something
By Kickntrue on 7/29/08
A must check out link- that's all there is to it. You need to learn about Flair Hair. It won't help your game, per say, but it will certainly stimulate some conversation on the course.

Flair Hair is a visor- with "flaired hair" attached to give you a wild funky golf 'do on the course. I guess it could be pitched to bald guys, but it seems a shame to shrink the market that much. It's really for anyone who wants to ... have a really hot hat that makes them try to look "hip."

If the product wasn't funny enough, their site is loaded with "The Original" terminology, which leads me to believe there are imitators...?

Okay- comment time. I got nothing!

Flair Hair

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volleyhart says:
What about guys who want the Bald Flair look, but don't want the hassle of having to shave their noggin all the time? No love for them?
hogan72 says:
mr_hungry usually wears the "Daniel Chopra", but I prefer when he wears the "Ian Poulter" - it's a real head-turner!
mbills1015 says:
This might actually be the dumbest thing I have seen in a while. You can't honestly tell me that this company is profitable. Maybe as a gag gift for someone, but noone is going to seriosly buy this. I would however love seeing Phil or Tiger be sponsored by Flair Hair and wearing there visors on tour...
Ben Crane says:
I could definitely use one of these!
Sid Farkus says:
Can I order a mullet version?
JenDelaney says:
Yes, we are profitable and growing, growing, growing! My dad invented this product for himself and had so many requests, he patented it and we went into business. New products are coming soon! Check us out at As for the mullet hats, check out one of our partner's sites: No two ways about it - people just love to have fun!
KVSmith59 says:
LOL. Several years ago we used to have small tournaments with a group of guys we golfed with. The last place finisher of each tournament HAD to wear this hat on the 1st tee the next time we played. I'd rather wear a flair hat:
JenDelaney says:
KVSmith59, if you do that, send us your story and photo! We are going to start a contest "Share your Story Page" very soon! The stories I hear everyday are unbelievable!
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