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Holiday Wish List: Golf Ball Finding Glasses
By Kickntrue on 12/1/06
Our Take
I told you it was coming. Golf ball finding glasses are here and it seems almost too "out-there" to be true. The glasses are specially designed to help find golf balls lost in deep rough or brush. They block out ambient light, making the white golf balls glow. They won the Best New Product 2005 at the PGA Merchandise Show. I'm really curious to try a pair out- and at $40 bucks, maybe I will.

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Where to Buy
Buy them Here!

Another Brand, Buy them Here!

Company Line
Voted Best New Product 2005 PGA Merchandise Show! Stop wasting time and money looking for your wayward golf balls. Instead, slip on patented Visiball lenses. They block out most ambient colors and the light reflected off a white golf ball is emphasized, allowing a "lost" ball to stand out almost like it's glowing under a black light!

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klangdon says:
If these work they could be a sound economical investment. If they help you find 1 errant Pro V1 per round, it only takes about 12 rounds to get your money back.
jpp151 says:
A buddy of mine got these as a gift and they do work to an extent, need a pretty new ball, and it feels like you are in that movie with Corey Feldman, "Dream a little dream", its weird.
golfballfinder says:
I wrote a quick blog post on my experience with the golf ball finder glasses golfballfinder.com/blog/golf-ball-finder-glasses
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