Jeff Martin's ball... perve.
My TP Ball
By Kickntrue on 8/8/08
TaylorMade announced yesterday that it will now allow you to customize your ball with any 2 numbers you like. The goal is to increase interest in their TP Red and TP Black premium golf balls by allowing people to move away from the automatic 1-4 number system used by most balls. I can't see this being bad...

I hate to be a 7th grader with this one- but does anyone want to take a wild guess what the most popular two-digit number is going to end up being?
Jeff Martin - 69
"I chose 69 because if I shoot four of them this week I think I'll win the tournament."



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SingleDigits says:
Hey, what does everyone think about the new V-groove rules for Wedges that take effect on Jan 1, 2010?
Kickntrue says: I feel fine about it since it doesn't matter to me for at least 15 years.
Ben Crane says:
I wish you could put 4 numbers on the ball. Then I could use my ATM pin, since I always seem to forget it.
Eric Duquene says:
Hey Ben can I borrow one of your golf balls and let me see your new wallet for a minute?
Ben Crane says:
Just walk the woods of the courses I play and you'll find some of mine
TaylorFade says:
Marketing ploy to lure players to their poor substitute for ProV's; not that they give a rip because it's the same company, but I tried this ball and wasn't impressed for $40/dz.
PapaJoe says:
I agree with TaylorFade. Hits like a rock, stops like a sponge ball. Might as well buy Top Flites!

Ben, where do you play??? I need some "First & Only One Hit" golf balls! Also could use another PIN number!!!

SingleDigits: Where is info on new "V" groove rules for wedges? Thanks, PJoe.
The Kiwi says:
Pro V 1 players...what is you second choice of ball and why?
TaylorFade says:
My #2 choice is the new Bridgestone e5+. Good distance and a sticky urethane cover. You sacrifice a little feel around the greens but at $25/dz they can't be beat.
PapaJoe says:
My second choice is one of the higher end Pinnacles. They are made by Titleist, and if you find the right one they go as far and land as well as any other ball on the market today. I prefer the "Pinnacle Gold". The difference between that the the ProV1 392 dimple design and the Pinnacle Gold is that I can get both of them for the same cost. Can't tell you where, though! Once I have to start paying $44.95 a doz for ProV1's, back to the Pinnacle!!!
birdieXris says:
I play the Pro V 1 now. I played the Bridgestone Tour B330-S for a while. I think that's my "second" ball now, although i still may be on the fence.

I got a lot of pro V1s from the weeds while waiting for players to finish on the greens. Seems there's a lot of brand new Pro V's out there. I put one in play this weekend for the club championships and i think it's gonna be my new ball.
PapaJoe says:
Chris, you're only a couple hundred miles from my home course in Louisville, KY. If you want to add to your collection of once, or twice, hit Titleist ProV 1's, at their "New" cost of $44.95 per doz., spend a few hours in the woods of holes no. 5 and to the right of no. 9, where ProV1 players don't bother trying to find their balls. Mostly because the woods on both those holes are O.B. and those "PrimaDonna" players don't like to admit their "faux paux" on those holes. On any given weekend you can net at least two dozen "once or twice hit" ProV1 balls. That is if you get there before me. Good balls, no matter the cost, especially if they're free!!
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