Holiday Wish List:: Club Champ Kooler Klub
By Kickntrue on 12/4/06
Our Take
The Club Champ Kooler Klub is a gift that can fall into multiple categories depending on the recipiant. It could be a gag gift, but it could also be extremely useful. I for one am always bothered by courses that don't have enough drinking water available on the course. I could also see someone bothered that they have to pay for beer, and for those people this could be usefull as well. I'm also not sure why they spelled it the way they did. Maybe it has to do with a brand name thing- or maybe they think they are clever. I'm just confused.

Price Range
Between $30-$50.

Where to Buy
Buy it Here!

Company Line
The Club Champ Kooler Klub is a drink dispenser and cooler. The Kooler Klub fits into your golf bag and features an easy-pump dispenser. The Klub looks like a regular golf club and holds 48 ounces of any hot or cold beverage.


* Fits into golf bag
* Holds 48 fluid ounces
* Insulated - hot or cold beverages
* Looks like a regular golf club
* Easy pump dispenser
* Wide mouth for ice cubes and ease of cleaning
* Eliminates carrying cans or bottles
* Long handle bottle brush included

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