Holiday Wish List: Radar Golf System
By Kickntrue on 12/4/06
Our Take
The Radar Golf System is perfect for the golfer who is tired of losing their golf balls. This is also for the golfer with a little more money to spend. Basically the special balls have a microchip- and the handheld device finds them.

Personally- I think this is a cool idea. That said, I have two major concerns. First- you have to use their special balls. I would want to know how they stack up in performance against others on the market. Second- with a price tag of $200 plus more each time you need more balls from use and damage, I'd think you could afford to LOSE a lot of good balls. It was featured in Business Week Magazine's Top 25 New Products in 2005, but it just seems pointless.

That said- we aim to please- so here is how you get your hands on one.

Price Range

Where to Buy
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Company Line

One of BusinesWeek Magazine's Top 25 New Products in 2005!

Tired of losing golf balls? Look no further than RadarGolf. RadarGolf's innovative Ball Positioning System technology helps you locate your ball quickly and lower your score by saving penalty strokes.

The RadarGolf System uses proprietary radio frequency technology to help you locate lost balls and save strokes, save time and reduce frustration.

How it Works
This unique system consists of three main components. The handheld, Shield-It pouch and ball work together to save you strokes, time, and frustration.

BPS technology uses advanced electronics to enable the handheld to transmit a specific radio frequency (RF) signal. When this signal reaches a RadarGolf Ball, the ball returns a separate specific RF signal. The handheld receiver is tuned to GÇ£listenGÇ¥ for the signal from the ball. An LCD provides visual feedback and an audio tone allows you to hone in on your lost ball. You will receive stronger feedback as you get closer to your ball. The system has a range from 30 - 100 feet depending on the terrain.

The handheld will locate all RadarGolf Balls (in your pocket, golf bag or golf cart for example). It is critical that you keep all RadarGolf Balls shielded from detection. Place all spare balls in the Shield-It pouches. The pouches are made with a special metallic fabric that blocks radio frequency signals and allows you to find only your "ball in play" when searching. Use the large pouch in your golf bag to store a dozen balls and the small pouch in your pocket for one ball.

The ball is USGA conforming and meets all USGA specifications for size, weight, distance, initial velocity and symmetry. It has been thoroughly tested for durability and performance parameters including carry, distance, roll and dispersion accuracy. Central to BPS technology is a microchip that is embedded in the core of the ball. This tiny microchip is so small that it does not affect the performance of the ball in any way. The embedded microchip is so small that it does not affect the performance of the ball in any way. The chip has no power source and will last as long as the ball.

Kit includes:

One RadarGolf handheld
One dozen RadarGolf balls
One handheld protective carrying case
One Shield-It pouch set
Six AAA batteries
Owner's manual
Instructional DVD

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falcon50driver says:
OR.... you could use the traditional and proven ball finder. The old hole in the pocket....No more finding your ball in an inconvenient lie, plus, increased driving distance, no penalty strokes, no bending over to identify your ball, no pesky mud on the ball....MSRP...FREE...But wait..if you act now we'll send you the directions for the old "ball in the glove" method if you still prefer to bend down and adjust, to get that really good lie.
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