PSP Golf
By Kickntrue on 8/27/08
You want a new approach to practice- PSP Golf may be the answer. I just met the creator at the Fall Expo and the idea is pretty unique. The club is made for practice- and is developed to hit the ball on the sweet spot every time. In fact, you don't really have a choice because the head of the club is only about an inch and a half long. It's basically one big (little) sweet spot.

Dan Bonomo thought of the idea over 7 years ago and it sat in his garage for years. He finally had the money to produce it- and I must say it's pretty cool. I took about 10 shots on the range with it- and I'm happy to report I'm pretty good with solid contact. The response and feel of the club is fantastic. You know EXACTLY how you hit the ball after every shot. No cavity backs letting you think you are better than you are. Then- when you go back to the course with your actual clubs- you'll only hit them pure. This product is so new- there's not even a website yet. I'm breaking news here...



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kkjacks says:
I think they are going to need a new name if they don't want a lawsuit from PlayStation.
ForeKris says:
HA! i totally thought he was refering to Tiger Woods 2009 for the PSP!
Kickntrue says:
I actually talked to the owner about this- he said his lawyers said he's in the clear. I guess we'll see.
SingleDigits says:
Usually products in non-overlapping markets can have the same name.
new2golf says:
Forged blades offer similar feedback and generally have smaller heads than game improvement irons. Blades are much easier to hit than most people think.
M.Nugent says:
My Dad hits really old blades which might work better than this club because of the toe or heel and it goes no where with the 1975ish clubs
Gabe Kapler says:
how much for it
gazpro says:
...retails for only 198$!! ;)
gazpro says:
...or round about that much as it seems:
alaskabaseball says:
does any one know how to call the guys at psp....the training aids
hector7042 says:
480-217-8318 is their phone number.. I got one and is a great practice tool
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