Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009
By Kickntrue on 8/28/08
EA Sports new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 video game is out. It is available on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and maybe some other stuff too. Tiger was on the CBS Morning Show playing against Maggie Rodriguez. If you want to see Tiger Woods play again in 2008 it's the only way it's going to happen.

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Eric Duquene says:
Have it. And I have to agree with the general consensus. 2008 was very difficult till you started to play for a while. 2009 is WAY too easy right out of the box. With the regular difficulty and a base golfer (upgraded skills just a little and equipment to just above base), I got -16 on the first day of the first tournament. I was 12 strokes ahead of the next closest competitor. The graphics are much better. Motions look cleaner. Some of the other new features are really pretty cool. But I was disappointed seeing a LOT of the EXACT same sayings, animations and loading screen pics as 2008. That is lazy game making.
snowman59 says:
If you beating the course that bad you should try PGA tour Diff. level and see how you do. Makes the game alot more interesting.
HotBacon says:
Have the online features been improved from '08? I haven't been able to connect to a 4-player match in months.
Eric Duquene says:
yes the online has been improved.

I think the best part about online that's been improved is the fact that online is now "ready golf" as in everyone shoots at once and you see colored streaks showing everyone's shot.

I will create a new character and up the difficulty once I clear the game.

I also have to say that the "club tuner" option in the game is awesome. being able to tune just about everything with the clubs is pretty fun.
Eric Duquene says:
I also think it might seem as very easy because it plays VERY similar to 2008 where 2008 was VERY different than 2007 so making it seem very hard.
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