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Tour Foot Golf
By Kickntrue on 9/3/08
Here is a real simple product I saw at the PGA Fall Expo that is, 1) real simple, 2) could actually work.

The Tour Foot is an attachable sole you step your leading foot into and attach. It has 6 inch and a half long metal spikes that glue your foot to the ground. The claim is that it will help with balance and overswinging. A huge problem with amateur golfers is spinning, lifting, twisting, moving or jerking their front foot duruing their swing. Being imbedded into the ground with the Tour Foot won't let you do that. The funny thing is- this is a twist on a product I've seen before- almost the exact same thing but being sold with the purpose of aerating your lawn. Those didn't work (yes, I seriously bought a pair), but this looks like it would. It makes a lot of sense. My game saw dramatic improvment this summer when somone much better at golf than me told me to glue my left foot to the ground.

Worth a shot, right? ... or you could just tell youself to keep your lead foot still. Eh- not as fun. Plus- by buying a TourFoot you add a new weapon to your house in case of a break-in. This thing would do DAMAGE!


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kidputter says:
Foot stays still. Ankle goes in 3 different directions. Golf game on hold for 8-10 weeks. Great idea.
falcon50driver says:
It was invented by an orthopedic surgeon. Job Security.
Ben Crane says:
Tour Foot sounds like something that needs treated with tough actin' Tinactin
PapaJoe says:
Maybe the last three letters of the logo should be changed to "u", "c", and "k". And then whoever buys it would no doubt be screwed! That would make it a salable product!
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