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Holiday Wish List: Personalized Photo Golf Balls
By Kickntrue on 12/6/06
Our Take
Personalized Photo Golf Balls make a great gift this holiday season. You submit a photo and they send you a dozen Top Flite Complete Distance golf balls with that photo on them. It could be a fun gift for just about anybody. I think it could work for friends or enemies. I personally wouldn't mind smacking Charlie Weis's head around for a couple rounds. I guess it could also be sentimental. Either way- it's a pretty cool gift.

Price Range
$30-$35 per dozen. Less if you buy in bulk.

Where to Buy
Buy them Here!

Company Line
From classic to humorous, we'll professionally imprint Any Photo you choose!

"Par"-fect for milestone birthdays, bachelor parties, wedding favors, Father's or Mother's Day, retirement and more ... take a special celebration and make it a memorable event with this personal and creative gift idea!

Boxed in a clear golf ball container for a handsome presentation!

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mknox22 says:
That is pretty cool that you can have any photo printed on a golf ball. $30 is pretty expensive for a dozen, but I guess you wouldn't be using these out on the course.

You might also want to check out the Golf Ball Stamp that allows you to mark your own personalized golf balls. You can stamp logos, but not actual high quality pictures like these.
Jhangerlaon says:
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