Is Bagboy #1?
Travel Bags That Work
By Kickntrue on 9/8/08
GolfDigest's Hot List takes a look at golf travel bags (soft case) and picks the best.

When I travel and want to play golf there are a couple things I always consider, 1) How are my clubs going to get their safe? and 2) Is the airline going to break my clubs?

Because airlines suck are facing hard times they ARE going to charge you to bring your clubs but $25 is sure better than paying $60+ to play with rentals.

I have a softcase travel bag- and my wife can confirm this, I'm always most nervous at baggage claim on the outbound flight. Moreso than any other time on the whole trip. I've been fortunate so far- but I still read lists like this with a mix of extreme interest and trepidation.

Best Travel Cases/Bags

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ForeKris says:
In December Delta broke every one of my wife's clubs (and the bag). i can send the picture to anyone interested. we now travel with a "stiff arm". i highly recommend it.
Kickntrue says:
Did they pay for the damage?
ForeKris says:
surprisingly... yes!
gw60199 says:
If you have time prior to traveling you might try FedEx (or others) to ship your clubs ahead. The charges may be the same or less, they box them up, and you don't have the golf bag drag through the airport.
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