Holiday Wish List: Custom Grips
By Kickntrue on 12/7/06
Our Take
Custom Grips are one of the coolest things you can give this holiday season. Since some people take their grips very seriously, one of the best ways to go is just to get a custom putter grip. You can do text, pictures, or a company logo. Most companies that do the grips only use top of the line grips as well, so you aren't sacrificing quality for individualism.

Price Range
From $20-40 for a single club/putter to $150 for full set of custom grips. See websites for more info.

Where to Buy
Buy C-ThruGrips here!

This company does custom grips featuring Tartans. Maybe your family name is represented. Check them out HERE!

Company Line

C-Thru Grips, established in 2001, produces clear, tour-quality golf grips featuring stock and customized designs. Specializing in both full-swing grips and putter grips, C-Thru Grips offers a wide array of designs, including country flags, country club logos, NFL, MLB and college & university logos. New lines include 4 different Mossy Oak camouflage styles and three different Breast Cancer labels which benefit Breast Cancer research.

Custom-designed labels may be ordered to support golf facilities and golf schools as well as alumni or corporate functions.

Adult putters and junior putters are available, and our Lil' Putters can be personalized and make great gifts. Last year, over 150 PGA Tour players used C-Thru Grips, and there were also multiple wins on the Champions Tour, LPGA and European Tours by players using C-Thru Grips. On the collegiate level, C-Thru Grips, which are used by over 300 college and university golf teams nationwide, had a number of wins at various national collegiate championships last year.

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falcon50driver says:
I had my Zebra putter re-gripped and the new grip got installed a little crooked. The flat part wasn't exactly 90 degrees from the putter face. It wasn't noticable at first but when I started missing EVERYTHING to the left, I finally figured it out....So yes, sometimes it IS the "arrows" and not the "Indian".
Kickntrue says:
Ah- interesting. I'll have to make sure they get me correct when I get my new oobgolf grip put on for xmas.

ps- why's it matter if you miss left? You can jsut have another golfer knock it in for you.
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