By Kickntrue on 10/1/08
Taking your golf clubs on an airplane can be a pain. Enter Basically instead of hoping your clubs aren't broken, stolen or lost- you have deliver clubs directly to the club you'll be playing at. At $40 a day, it's cheaper than renting from the facility you'll be playing at and not much more expensive (if at all) than taking them on the plane.

The positives are the ease and opportunity. also has discounts that apply if you rent for multiple days.

The negatives I can see right now is that GolfClubsAway is only offered in a couple locations, though they are strong golf markets: Phoenix, Orlando, Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa Bay (and Vegas coming soon). I assume down the line they'll add other golf markets like San Diego and Myrtle Beach. The other thing is not a whole lot of choice in clubs. Right now they are working with Nike and Callaway which is nice- but a wider selection would be better. I imagine this will come with growth too.

Overall- the idea is pretty awesome. Only time will tell if the idea turns into a profitable long lasting company but airlines continuing to add charges and fees making traveling with baggage more of a hassle my guess is they have a chance.

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