Holiday Wish List: Golden Tee Home Edition
By Kickntrue on 12/8/06
Our Take
Golden Tee Golf is the best fun you can have in a bar, well... Golden Tee Golf is the best golf-related fun you can have in a bar (better). That's what makes this gift amazing. It is all the fun of Golden Tee, brought to your home as a plug and play console. Plug it right into your tv- and you are good to go. So good.


Where to Buy
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Company Line
This is the interactive plug-and-play video game that is officially licensed by the makers of Golden Tee, played by more than 10 million tavern-goers each year and renowned as one of the most popular golf video games available. The system simply plugs into your television and allows you to play Golden Tee as you would in a pub setting thanks to the arcade-style trackball interface. Up to four players can challenge each other in stroke or tournament mode. The trackball allows precise control of everything from club selection to swing power, slice, hook, draw, and fade effects. The system comes with a Golden Tee Ambassador Card that can be taken to any Golden Tee coin-operated arcade game in the country to store your scores and track game pro gress.

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