Holiday Wish List: Golf Friendly Golf Belt
By Kickntrue on 12/11/06
Our Take
The Golf Friendly Golf Belt is pure golf fashion, with just a little twist. The metal tip of the belt can be pulled out and used as a divot repair tool. It also includes a metal ball marker. The belt tip also has the ability to be custom engraved, making it a cool gift to give individually, or by a company. (Just a quick warning to bosses out there jumping on this idea- be careful how you ask your lady employees their waist size!)

Price Range
Around $100

Where to Buy
Buy it Here!

Company Line
The stylish and functional Green Friendly Belt features an easily-accessible divot tool and ball marker built right into the tip. No more fumbling in your pockets for a divot tool or ball marker or not fixing your ball marks because you couldnGÇÖt find your divot tool.

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