Holiday Wish List: Golf Ball Monogrammer
By Kickntrue on 12/12/06
Our Take
So, I admit I've looked in the rough for my ball, saw one that looked close ... and it "becomes" my ball. Well, that's cheating. To ease the temptation and as a byproduct look really cool, get this awesome golf ball monogrammer. The contraption puts your initials on the ball, making it defined as "yours." Also, because it prints really smooth and slick, you can make your partners think Titliest sponsors you or something.

Price Range
Around $25

Where to Buy
Buy it Here!

Company Line
The chrome-plated press comes with two sets of interchangeable letters to monogram golf balls with up to three initials, eliminating any confusion on the course. Simple operation with easy grip rubberized handle and quick-dry ink for smudge-free results.

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klangdon says:
I don't know man, the weight of the ink might throw my precision game out of whack...
falcon50driver says:
Sooooo....Thaaaats why I happen to miss the occasional putt....the (poop chute) balls are out of (poop chute) balance/round.
Kickntrue says:
Well played.
mknox22 says:
I found a similar product that allows you to stamp initials or a logo on golf balls. It's called the Personalized Golf Ball Stamp.
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