TeeShot Live Partners With oobgolf!
By Kickntrue on 11/14/08

TeeShot Live will join the list of iPhone apps that can transfer to your oobgolf account.

If you have an iPhone or iTouch and haven't found the perfect golf scoring application- you'll want to check out TeeShot Live. TeeShot was one of the first apps in the store and has a solid user rating in iTunes. It sells for $19.99.

Here are a couple screenshots of TeeShot. You can learn more and access it directly at the iTunes store by visiting TeeShotLive.com


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foviedo says:
good job
sindigo says:
Very cool. I use TeeShot and love it.
synapse says:
any chance of getting more of the recorded stats that TeeShot captures passed through to ObbGolf ?
klangdon says:
synapse, which of the recorded stats do you mean?
ParHunter says:
TeeShot can record quite a lot. For every shot you can specify the result. Especially useful to track whether you miss your drives more to the left or right or whether you tend to miss your putts left/right short/long. I am new to oobgolf, can oobgolf actually show these stats?
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