SmartSCORECARD iPhone App (FREE)
By Kickntrue on 11/5/08
Previously we told you about smartSCORECARD, a mobile web app that worked for iPhone. They now have a native iPhone App- and it's FREE! Yes- you read that correctly.

Oh yah- maybe I should mention the most important part... It integrates automatically with your oobgolf account. No hassle of keeping your score on one app or device and transferring it. It directly sends all of you scores into your account as well as features as a live score on our site.

So why would you use smartSCORECARD instead of oobgolf's mobile scoring? The main reason is that you can enter all of the groups golfers with the same phone. The second reason would be based on looks and ease of use. If you like it better- we're happy to have you use it, because smartSCORECARD is our partner and we are still helping you track your game.
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Send your feedback to Chuck, who is the creator of smartSCORECARD at

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possingk says:
I really wish this would work on my palm treo, it would help when my wife and I are out together since we both use oobgolf. It is great to see programmers spending time on apps and letting people use them for free though, great job.
drftorres says:
It is awesome! I started to use it few weeks ago.
drftorres says:
Sorry, I was referring to Fore!
I just downloaded smartScorecard now. I test it today.
drftorres says:
How do I mark fairway hits or misses?
chuck.han says:

Sorry, I should have made this clearer: the first button in the Tee Shot row lets you toggle among n/a, miss, hit, left, and right. It is NOT enabled on Par 3s...

thanks, Chuck
drftorres says:
Excellent app. Tested today. It is slow but has great features and options. I love the live scoring feature.
iluv5pam says:
omg. finally!!!! i was waiting for the native app to come out rather than have to sign in every time. Thank you!!!!
iluv5pam says:
a bit odd that this version doesn't have a fairway hit or left/right miss column.
klangdon says:
see chuck.han's comment about fairways, its there...
chuck.han says:
Note that an updated version is available on iTMS that also allows you to put in your tee shot club. Again, the Tee Shot UI is not consistent with the other rows that use +/- buttons:

1) tap the button left of the number to toggle among fairways hit/missed/left/right
2) tap the number to put in your yardage off the tee
3) tap the button right of the number to select the club (the button initially says "clb" but will subsequently display your club choice (for example, "dr" means Driver)

thanks, Chuck
chuck.han says:
Responding to feedback, I've made the app available to iPod Touch users (previously it was only available for iPhone users). Note that with the Touch, you'll need a WiFi connection to start a scorecard and (automatically) upload the final scorecard to oobgolf.

thanks, Chuck
iluv5pam says:
is there a way to review your scorecard? or look at your score at the end of 9? or 18? i seem to have missed it?
jbluto says:
Excited to try this app on my round today, you guys do a great job! keep up the good work!!!!
ronwatt says:
Is there a way to submit scores by total only? If you choose not to do hole by hole it would be nice to be able to enter a completed, adjusted round...

jbilsten says:
chuck.han nice work on this, if you need help from a fellow golfer/programmer let me know. Also something I noticed that might be nice is to allow you to switch from a 18 holes to 9 holes somehow. I was out with a friend who got tired and quit after 9 but I had to write down the scores, cancel out of the card and start a new one w/ 9 holes to fix it.

Also from a usability stand point a little text blurb saying you can tilt the iPhone/iTouch to see the score card in landscape mode would be nice. I didn't know it existed until I accidentally tilted it.
drobinson24 says:
Is there a way to add a course that doesn't come up in Search?
klangdon says:
drobinson24, yes you can add courses here:
ryanprichard says:
It would be great to pre-default the score of each hole to whatever par is for the hole when entering. This would make entering scores faster! Great app. I also agree that there should be a note on the scorecard that tilting it goes to entry mode/scorecard mode. I never understood and it was frustrating for a few holes. Also, any way to save scores from a few rounds without synching and potentially losing the old rounds?
TwitterJoe says:
Like the app and here's a suggestion. It would be nice to download course maps and cards onto the device. Then scores could be entered off line and sync'd back to oobgolf when the device connects to a network.
sjk60 says:
GREAT APP!! I play in a league and we alternate weekly between the front and back 9, can an option be added for just the back 9? Also, how do you add GIR from the iTouch?
Post1045 says:
my iphone 3.0 says I need flash player 9 to enter scores while on the course. How do I fix??
Petinho says:
any chance of this being made for the android phone as its 3000 times better than the exploding iphone
Reesh33 says:
are there any plans to update this for Addict stats as well?
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