Air Force One From PowerBilt
By Kickntrue on 11/13/08
PowerBilt has a new series of woods called "Air Force One" that use compressed nitrogen to allow for a bigger sweetspot and thinner face resulting in more flex and greater distance.

Yah.. so that is a mouthful. How about this... science science science, blah blah blah, your ball goes further and your club has a bigger sweet spot. SOLD!!

PowerBilt is claiming the new clubs can add 10-15 yards to your drives. If that is true- I expect everyone to be doing this by next spring.

Thanks to Josh for the tip.

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falcon50driver says:
Can I just drill and tap my burner and install a schrader valve? That way I can inflate it at the gas station.
Kickntrue says:
Merlin- good luck with that! I dare you to try it.
blue_crush says:
here a question to all, my Cobra driver has a small crack in it near the back. on a demo day for Cobra my driver out drove the same model new with trapped air... they wanted me to give it up for a new one, no thanks. so how does that make you feel. its true that bats in softball have this, but again its the batter not the bat.
JWHpurist says:
Another "High End Tin Can" for those who care. I would still rather play my "Vintage Woods" of about 1/2 that size in persimmon or metal that require skill, develop skill and still produce resonable results when used in the proper manner. I derive a greater pleasure from playing a low round with less forgiving clubs. JWHpurist
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