Holiday Wish List: Tee Go Automatic Teeing Machine
By Kickntrue on 12/13/06
Our Take
The Tee Go Automatic Teeing Machine makes a very sweet gift if you know an avid golfer who uses the range frequently and you have $100 to blow on a toy. It's a pretty cool device that set's the balls up on a tee for you automatically. The ultimate tool of laziness. I call it - perfect!

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The TeeGo Golf Ball Dispenser and Automatic Teeing Machine was our favorite find at the 2005 PGA Merchandise Show. By simply pressing a button with your club head the Tee Go dispenses and tees up a golf ball automatically! The TeeGo performs the job of high-tech, high priced teeing machines for a fraction of the price and with no complicated electronics or servos to fail. In fact, the TeeGo is 100% gravity operated and has no parts that can wear or fail! This elegant and simple design has produced a golf ball dispenser and teeing machine that is reliable, and affordable for anyone!

The Tee Go golf ball dispenser and automatic teeing machine will hold up to 150 golf balls. It is lightweight, and designed to be taken with you to the range, or easily stored after a backyard bucket. The Quick Load ball magazine makes loading up the Tee Go a snap! TeeGo elimintes the fatigue associated with bending over to continually tee up golf balls and makes practice more fun. Tee Go will tee a ball up on any standard golf mat rubber tee.

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falcon50driver says:
Now if I can just find a club swinging machine that will smoke a cigar and dispose of a few brewskis I won't have to roll out of my stratolounger at all.
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