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By Kickntrue on 11/20/08


Add GolfCard to the expanding list of iPhone applications that integrates with oobgolf for score tracking.

If you have an iPhone or iTouch and haven't found the perfect golf scoring application- you'll want to check out GolfCard. Why pick GolfCard? It has a 4 1/2 star rating in the Apple App store making it the highest rated paid golf scoring app. It sells for $12.99.

Here are a couple screenshots of GolfCard. You can download and learn more about GolfCard at its home in the iTunes App Store HERE.


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TaylorFade says:
I love my iphone and all the apps, but I don't want to mess with it while I'm on the course. I like having a physical scorecard. Maybe that's just me.
calbrown says:
There are some nice rangefinder apps out there for the iphone.
sshadow2 says:
Best golf app on iphone...period. Great job on integrating it with
djacobs says:
Great app for disc golfers too. I was able to create a course @ and then searched->found it on my iPhone - played that course about 30 minutes later and was able to score our game. Integrates fairly well with oobgolf, but i would like to see oobgolf accomidate some of the disc golfer needs - GolfCard has the ability to flag a course as "disc golf" type, but that is not a valid type in oobgolf. There are a few other minor enhancements which I will make to the developer, but the app is worth $12.99.
christianbaatz says:
Best iPhone app and by far the very best service by Michael.
dbigs44 says:
Can't wait. My iTouch should arrive in the next 2 or 3 days. Spring is just around the corner. This will be an awesome addition!
PaulC says:
Great App. I've used for only 3 rounds so far and it works great. I let my friends take care of the paper card scores. It is very intuitive. Only $5.00 at the moment-what a deal. The GPS works great. A $5.00 substitution for Skycaddie. Absolutely worth every penny.
ploleary says:
Great app, got me using this site and over the 5 rounds I've used it it's really helped with club selection. GPS works a treat and even lasted for a 5 hour round at Wooden Sticks the other day. Really recommended.
Bamboo says:
Very recommended
tempdw says:
I'm a fan, but my home resort has 3 9's, making for 3- 18 hole course possibilities. Currently it's not possible to see which 18 hole course you're selecting, because all you see on the course selection screen is the name of the resort-- not the name of the 18-hole course. works for this, but this app doesn't yet.
nickmomrik says:
Downloaded the app over the weekend and played 36 holes with it yesterday. Love it! Settings up markers for my courses was easy to do with the AppSafe application and I've uploaded them to oobgolf for others to use. Updated some of them while on the course with ease because Google Maps doesn't zoom in far enough for some of the courses to see exact locations.

I emailed the company's support with some suggestions for improvements and received quick responses from Michael both times. Can't wait to see what they do with the app now that iPhone OS 3.0 is out now.

Best money I've spent in the iTunes App Store.
jbolt247 says:
Got GolfCard a couple of days ago, only one of the courses I play had markers in it. No big deal, I installed AppSafe and added markers to 4 other courses. On the fifth course I got to hole 12 and got an error in the range finder where the sat image is. it looks like part of a street image map with a red x in it. Now none of the sat images show in any of my courses. Has anyone else ran into this problem?
Michael Both says:
Google only allows 1000 images to be viewed per day per computer network. If AppSafe is no longer showing range finder images, it will start showing images again after 24 hours. A new range finder has been designed from ground up will be available in GolfCard in a few days. This will make the old range finder look like smithsonian material.
JIMBO111 says:
Worked great and then I installed the upgrade and now it crashes everytime I load the scorecard.... any ideas how to correct this problem, tried reinstalling it and the same thing happened??
blaps says:
Same error for me after the upgrade... hope to see a new patch soon.
alhank says:
I am having the same problem. The app crashes when I try to enter scores. Hope they get this fixed quickly.
bins says:
In GolfCard you can edit the names of your courses (in case of 27 holes Golf XX A+B, Golf XX B+C, Golf XX C+A) to easier see the 9 + 9 combination you play.
Editing the name does not provide problems when syncing back the round to oobgolf.
ilgrande says:
I love this App; it's amazingly fast, accurate and easy to use.
Only thing I find puzzling (maybe good subject for next update?) is the handicap calculator, wildly different than parent OobGolf's. (it gives me a 17, when I am about 32.8 ...?)
eigo says:
when i download 27 hole course iphone sees them as different facilities. not very useful.
cajani says:
Agree with iLgrande, mine registers 19.7 on the app whilsts its 29.5 on oob
theasac332 says:
Having some Golf Card app issues, specifically with the range finder. When I push "HERE" it takes me to Africa ad doesn't move. I thought it was calibrating but after 10 mins it still hasn't moved. I have clicked the three green stripes with the blue arrow looking thing and it says "acquiring" and again never changes. Any help??
SverreD says:
I played Castle Pines and tried to upload the scorecard to OobGolf. Can't find the Back Nine in Oob :( Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong.....
rlaws says:
I have used several Apps for golf scoring and GPS. This one does it all and does it better then the others. I would highly recommend this App. Also, each time I have sent a suggestion or question to the developer, I have received a great answer within a very short period of time. Great Customer Service making it more worth the money.
bentancm says:
How do I upload the golf courses to my iphone, anyone?
lmcguffee says:
How do I upload the golf courses to my iphone????? It must be easy but I haven't figured it out yet...
flannery says:
From the iPhone app you search for courses. If there are no markers (Tee, green, hazard, etc) then you can create them using the GolfCard Manager application available here:

Search for the course(s) you want and it will pull up a google map of the course. Click on the first hole (numbers down the left hand side of the app) and make the Tee box, Center of the green, fairway turns/jogs and hazards. Once you have marked as many holes as you want (hopefully all 18+) you can upload to oobgolf by clicking the button that says to upload.

Now go back to the iPhone and access the course again and you will see all the marks. Very easy.
andybarnes says:
This app is great. Anyone know how they work out your handicap on here? My mate said he was on 19.5, then after shooting 99 it went down to 19.1?!
bamsk8board says:
Im trying to view my course on my fone from home but the rangefinder doesnt display anything... DO i hav to b at the course for it to work?
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