Holiday Wish List: Golf Knickers
By Kickntrue on 12/14/06
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I hate when people try to buy me clothes for Christmas. I would MUCH rather pick them out myself, BUT if those special people in your life insist on getting you outfitted for the new year, there is no better place to send them than What a fantastic site to see an buy knickers and other "old school" golf appearal.

Price Range
It's all up to you!

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Buy them Here!

Company Line is a leading retailer of classic golf apparel. We specialize in our full line of men's plus fours or golf knickers (knickers). To complement the knickers our company has a full line of matching socks, caps and shirts; allowing us to deliver the complete outfit to our customer. Our customers' include Corporations, Golf Courses (outfitting Staff and Patrons), School Golf Teams, Tournaments and avid golfers around the world. We are committed to growing the game of golf by encouraging players to wear the game the way it was meant to be played.

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klangdon says:
what is it about knickers that makes them cost twice as much as a pair of dockers?
Kickntrue says:
good question- esp since it's half the material.
falcon50driver says:
If I want to look like a clown, I'll go to clown college and get the red nose and floppy shoes and spinning bow tie too. Some guys try too hard to stand out in the crowd, Like Jesper Parnevic, with the Gomer Pyle hat, Someone should help him get a clue.
Snyper says:
I've got two pairs of knickers (thats all I can afford) and I love them. They're vintage. You gotta appreciate the history of the game. Kinda like golf's version of a throwback!
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