Holiday Wish List: Putting Mat
By Kickntrue on 12/15/06
Our Take
The perfect gift for any northern golfer this Holiday Season is a putting mat. Practice makes perfect, and nothing goes stale in your game after a long layoff like your putting. Keep your favorite person sharp on the short stuff all winter long.

Price Range

Where to Buy
Buy one Here!
You can actually get these a lot of places. This is just an example. You can get some pretty crazy one's for hundreds of dollars if you are serious enough about it.

Company Line
* Smooth surface simulates grass to give authentic feel for line, speed and slope
* Slight incline develops firmness of stroke
* Rolls up easily for quick storage
* A great Gift, for any time of year

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klangdon says:
I have a putting mat in my office and love the chance to take 5 and sink a few!
Kickntrue says:
I'd love to hear if others have these. They seem cheesy to some degree- but I know they make hardcore ones.
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