Holiday Wish List: Front Wheel Drive Electric Caddy
By Kickntrue on 12/18/06
Our Take
The Hawk Front Wheel Drive Electric Caddy is for a very unique golfer this holiday season. To be a good fit for it, you have to meet 2 very strict criteria. 1) Too lazy or unable to carry your clubs, and 2) Not lazy enough to ride the cart. If you meet these two requirements, and have someone willing to spend $600 bucks on you this year, send them this link!

Price Range

Where to Buy
Buy it Here!

Company Line
- Ultra-Light Titanium alloy frame
- Charging time:- 2 hours ; only 25 lbs including battery
- Super-light NiMh battery pack (Only 5 lbs)
- Patented power assisted hub motor
- Hawk's exclusive front wheel drive system tested best in
incline performance
- Free wheel design eliminates concern of getting stranded
on the course - You can either push or pull
- Variable speed technology matches golfer's pace
- Convenient one-step latch folds caddy to a compact size
- Hand brake for secure parking on slopes
- Estimated range 24 holes / or 6.3 miles
- Estimated battery life - 500 charges
- External connection to recharge - No need to remove battery
- Stores easily in most car trunks
- Long life, super-light NiMh battery pack weighs only 5 lbs!
- Convenient one-step latch folds caddy to compact size

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falcon50driver says:
The only thing stupider than this, is the remote controlled cart. I had the misfortune of being paired with a bowling pin shaped person one time who had one. It went out of control and started humping my cart, I thought I was going to have to throw water on it to make it stop.
Kickntrue says:
"It went out of control and started humping my cart"

That's the kind of stuff we need to see video of.
falcon50driver says:
The golf course was near an airport and I think the airplane radio frequencies were too close to the cart control freqs. It was obscene, but of course we did get a couple of cute little carts 9 months later.
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