Holiday Wish List: SkyCaddie Range Finder
By Kickntrue on 12/20/06
Our Take
The SkyCaddie is an awesome idea, it's just kind of expensive at $300. If you have that cash to throw around this Holiday Season, it could be for you. It runs of GPS and calculates your location on earth to the nearest yard. There is a golf course database which means you can find the distance to the pin from anywhere on the course.

The only downside to SkyCaddie, which I personally think is a great IDEA, is that it has a course database of about 5000 courses last time I checked. Well, there are many more courses than that, and if your courses aren't in the online database, you could find yourself playing without much help. There are some things around this, like entering your own course data, but it may be a little ways off from being the perfect product. Still a great gift though!

Price Range
$300 for the new one, though I know you can get an older one on ebay for cheap.

Where to Buy
Buy It Here!

You can also check out SkyGolf's official site here.

Company Line
The SkyCaddie SG3 is the ideal product for Traveling Golfers, thanks to its durable shell and two AA batteries which eliminate the need for carrying chargers and cables while traveling. The SG3 is fully-featured and has a large, grayscale screen which displays distances to the green from anywhere on the course, as well as all targets and hazards on each fairway in large numbers. The SG3 includes the same advanced features of the SG2, including SkyGolf's patented IntelliGreen technology enabling golfers to measure the full depth of the green from any angle of approach, both on or off the fairway.

* IntelliGreen, plus all targets from tee to green
* Battery: 2 AA
* USB cable included
* Weighs 5.8 ounces
* Holds 10 courses.
* Mapping module
* Water resistance

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