Holiday Wish List: Remote Controlled Ball
By klangdon on 12/28/06
Our Take
Wow, imagine you and your partner approaching the green a little behind you and suddenlty watching his ball roll off the side into a sand bunker with nobody near it. Cost of Prank: $10, Look on his face: PRICELESS

This product is currenlty in the top 10 selling golf products on Amazon, so don't be surprised if your golfing partner is already planning this trick on you...

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For golfing practical jokers, this trick golf ball is a fun stocking stuffer. Its pocketsize wireless controller makes it zig and zag from 100 feet away. Imagine secretly switching your partner's "stiff" approach, then watch (and hear) his expressions as "his ball" mysteriously migrates away from the hole! Realistic-looking ball works for about four hours on one charge of its built-in 1.2V NiMH battery. The controller runs on a 9V battery and the charging stand runs on 2 AA batteries (order batteries separately). 90-day warranty.

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falcon50driver says:
I am wondering how soon it will be when it is discovered that a top pro has used a remote controlled ball to win a major tournament. I've been thinking that it could be done for several years. Just as electronics have crept into every sport.
klangdon says:
m2d, really? I have always imagined the PGA as having a pretty rigourous approval process for any equipment used in a tourney. But I have no clue...
mbills1015 says:
i would say its next to impossible to get away with something like that on the PGA tour. Much like playing a different ball... kicking a ball... throwing a ball. There are to many course officials, too many cameras and all in all to many people around. Its not like its easy to control a motorized golf ball on the greens at the Masters, and what would you do if you missed the cup turn the ball around and have it role back towards the cup?
Kickntrue says:
I cant believe this convo has already reached this point! For the record, I think M2D was joking.
falcon50driver says:
Did I tell you about the time I was putting and my partner's chip from 50 feet away, hit my rolling ball on the fly, and they both holed out?....oops sorry I brought it up.....
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