Axis 1 Putters Looks Crazy
By Kickntrue on 4/15/09
... but does it work? This USGA rules conforming club "challenges the wisdom of contemporary clubs." They say it works. A couple of other reputable names in the industry say it works.

You can pick yours up for $300. Any takers?

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abram1 says:
Makes you do a double take, but plain and simple here, the farther away the club face is from the shaft, the more leverage will be exerted when the ball is hit, potentially twisting the club.
HotBacon says:
I'd give it a beta test. Feel free to contact me for my address so you know where to send it :).
Paul Novak says:
I don't know about this club. I would think that it would work but I don't know who is going to spend $300 to find out.
whomsley says:
Wait a will be on ebay for $150.
Ward says:
if the concept came from a more established putter maker, it would have a much better shot at success.

even if this putter was the best putter in the world, it's got a tough road ahead due to it's unconventional looks and being made by such a new company.

if it was 80-100 people might give it a shot, but $300 puts it right in the meat of where a bunch of more traditional putters from more established companies are.
whomsley says:
You can get the Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport Putters for $300. I think they have a much better chance of selling because of their track record and the name that is engraved into the back of the club.
JWHpurist says:
I would be willing to lay down $300 cash on the table and prove the point that any of my 10 vintage putters will work better than that "piece of garbage" over all conditions encountered!! None of those putters are less than 20 years old but are equal to or better than any new putter! My Ray Cook M1-N was new in 1969 and still allows me to make money on the putting green when I Execute!
JWHpurist says:
To amplify my statement above, notice that Corey Pavin still uses his "Bullseye" putter and I think its the same one he used in a round I played with him in 1978. Older putters work quite well when a player develops a feel for them and plays them properly! They were designed in a simple thoughtful manner, and meet the "KISS" principle! JWHpurist
Desertgolfer says:
I love new technology and would(will) try this putter(used on ebay exactly) but the $300 price is crazy. This is a cast putter, from a no name company with no names using it (patrick who?). If it is that great of a putter, drop the price, put it in the hands of players and they will sell. If it is not that great, keep the price at $300 and hope you can sell out your first and only run.
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