TaylorMade Performance Labs
By Kickntrue on 4/20/09
I'm singling TaylorMade out, but I'm curious about your experience with testing facilities.

It would seem that a site designed for stat junkies would have a couple people into the idea of hooking up wires and monitors to their body while they swing a golf club. I've been to one such place like this and basically had computer graphics show me what my score does (that I suck), but it was a pretty cool experience. It definitely made me feel a bit like a pro for those few moments. I do wonder if an average amateur player can really take the feedback and do much with it? I assume my swing even as a 13/14 handicap has enough inconsistencies that the feedback would be a bit fuzzy.

Still- when I see a site like TaylorMade's and see all off the coolness it makes me want to do it. For those in the Boston, MA, region (Happy Pats Day) you can tell me. A new TaylorMade Performance Center is opening next Monday. (Info Here)

Experience stories- TaylorMade Performance Center or other?


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osbourne says:
I went to the Calloway one in Palm Springs while I was at a conference last October. For $100 it was pretty cool. They calculated all sorts of stats like spin, efficiency, clubhead speed, ball speed, etc. The session lasted about an hour and I got to take home a printout of all my stat averages. The high speed camera they use to calculate the stats was only working for about 75% of my shots so it was a little inconsistent, but then again so am I... The overall experience I'd say was worth it, and I'll probably go back at some point as my game improves. The only negative thing really is that I was told I could email after the session with any further questions, but never got a response. Very nice facility and staff, but the printout of statistics is what made it worth the time and money. The golf out there in Palm Springs isn't half bad either...
pgay says:
My wife and I got fit for clubs at the TMPLab in Carlsbad, (San Diego) CA area about 2 years ago. You are right - what an experience!! Tom Fisher did a great job with us and the clubs he fit us with have made a world of difference in our games. I went there with a 12hdcp and within 6 months was down to an 8hdcp and am currently at a 5.7hdcp. If you take full advantage of what they do for you and give it an honest effort, you will see results. If you are getting a TMPL in Boston, I'd go for it.
mjaber says:
Interesting. The club charges quite a bit for membership, but can't get a spellchecker to make sure someone didn't use an "m" where they should have an "n"
SeanCrowder says:
I went to one of those golf tech places once about two years ago and they did hook me up to a machine for a 45 minute demo. The guy gave me a couple pointers from the video they took, a few weeks later I got fitted for some clubs and finally I bought the Ben Hogan book (five lessons: Fundamentals of Golf), those three things combined knocked about 25 strokes off my round.

A free demo at Golftech, a free fitting for clubs at a local golf shop, and an $8 golf book take's 25 strokes off my game.... priceless.
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