Mini-Golf Rug
By Kickntrue on 4/22/09
For $140 (!!!WHAT?!!!) you can buy the "Putt Up or Shut Up Rug Kit."
The somewhat ordinary $140 green rug includes eight rearrangeable tiles of "rough." Bundled plans include design variations ranging from a simple par 3 to a rigorous par 5.
Putting mats for practice = good. Spending $140 on this = insane.

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Kolt15 says:
Sweet i might get one
Kolt15 says:
or never mind i just read it no thank you
falcon50driver says:
I would buy this if they would offer one with rings around the hole so I could grade my putts by whether I hit it to 6" or 12" or 18".
gimpols1908 says:
If there is no clown to taunt me, it's not mini-golf.
EvilMaggot says:
This is the one of the saddest attempts to make a buck that I ever saw. LOL at "rearrangeable tiles of "rough.". Yea OK, like you can't tell that when your ball rolls into one of those stupid rough patches that it ain't gonna just stop and roll sideways, no way would it actually roll up onto that mat and set you up for a would be shot from the rough. How pathetic.
falcon50driver says:
But wouldn't it be cool with the golf rings around the hole, and also a device that would throw the ball back if you knocked it in the hole?
theredmission says:
owenhyne says:
not bad, not bad. EvilMaggot brings up a good point. The "rough" tiles need to have a pretty subtle taper to them to make it so that the ball will actually go up into them. Also, for $140 I better be getting a great quality mat, not some cheapo looking/feeling thing that I'd be embarrassed to leave out.
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