GolfTwitt For Golf Tweets
By Kickntrue on 5/12/09
I know some of you are Twittering, because you're following oobgolf. In support of golf, you should use instead of Tiny URL.

If that first paragraph made no sense to you whatsoever... just click the "Back" button and find the next story. :) is very simply a shortening URL service like Tiny URL that allows you to post links without using all of your 140 characters. It's as simple has having Golf Twitt open along with your Twitter and copy/paste.

I've started using it on links- and you should to. Full Disclosure- they are advertising on our site- but there really isn't much to lose and you get more space to share your own microblog. Plus- everyone uses TinyUrl- why not look cool using a Golf link?

See- I'll show you how cool it is-

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