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Screamin' Demon Golf
By Kickntrue on 5/19/09
Sure ProV1's are nice and all- but maybe the golf industry needs more companies like Screamin' Demon Golf- making 3 piece balls for the rest of us. It's seems the company's focus is on reaching the everyday golfer versus the wealthy country cluber, well... if you buy "everyday golfer" as a skull lovin' rid'n on the hood of your golfcart kind of thing.

At any rate- I've been pretty impressed with Top Flite's Gamer and how it performs, and I'll be equally interested to see how this ball does, and where they choose to price it. It is certainly not a bad thing for 3 piece balls to have more competition from non-major companies who can be more creative in advertising and pricing. If it's a good ball, people will find it- and use it.

Screamin' Demon Golf

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dsferris says:
Where can you get them?
Rick Parsons says:
I don't know, something new from rockflight. I hope it lands softer and rolls less. I'd be the first in line to buy a ball that plays like the new pro v 1's if it holds its ground.
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