Porta-Putter - Good Idea Gone Bad
By Kickntrue on 5/22/09
The Porta-Putter is a service that allows you to travel with your putter in your baggage. You send them your putter- they carefully cut it in half and then insert a system that allows you to put the club back together perfectly as needed.

Look- they can show all the studies and clips they want, about how it's not even noticible, but this is never going to work. Only addicts would ever want to take their putter with them on vacation. A real addict would take his whole set of clubs. Even if that was impossible- I can see why you'd take just your putter and rent a set, but nobody who loves their putter enough to take it, is going to allow it to be sliced and diced.

It costs $80 to get your putter reworked- and the Ace in the hole is that you have to pack it with your checked luggage because the FAA says golf clubs can be weapons so it's not going in your carry-on bag. If you've got to check a bag anyway- you should check your full bag of clubs and pack all your clothes in a carry-on. Problem solved- no club surgery.

Good intentions- but I can't see this ever taking off. Maybe I'm off though, would you guys let someone take knife to your flat stick?

Porta-Putter Site (Annoying Auto-Play video with sound alert.)

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mjaber says:
That's just silly. Who would do that? What's going to happen when the TSA searches your checked bag, and don't repack it as well as you packed it, and your newly chopped putter looks like something out of a Tom & Jerry cartoon when your arrive?
dlouder says:
I just see it coming apart mid-stroke. A 2" putt ruined because you ruined your $200 putter. Fail.
joepro23 says:
Ha, this is actually a great way to screw with people in your foursome. After you miss an easy putt, break the thing over your knee and everyone will be shocked thinking you just snapped your putter in half. Then put it back together and back in the bag.
civiccvcc says:
I think I have the oldest putter known to man, and I still wouldn't do that.
kckid says:
You guys are wrong. I tried this and it's terrific! I don't have to use any rental putter, and I have my putter with me to use between appointments on business trips
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