iQuest Golf Game
By Kickntrue on 5/28/09
I was sent a tip about an interesting new product that turns your round into a video-game like event. I'm not sure I like it- but here it goes.

iQuest Golf... Wait, first, can we seriously stop putting "i" in front of EVERYTHING already?! Sorry... had to get that out of my system. iQuest Golf is a card game you play on the golf course that turns your round into a unique challenge between partners. A card may force you to play a hole without a club, or putt with a Driver. You may play a card that makes your opponent hit out of the bunker with 7-iron. Get the idea?

I think it's a fun idea- for practice rounds, but here are my two main problems.

1) Once you arent' using your best clubs to shoot your best score, it becomes a "practice round." You certainly couldn't turn that in.

2) Oddly, to play the game with a fourseome you need to buy 2 decks of iQuest cards. It's made for 2 or 3. That just seems stupid.

Do you golf enough to "give up" a round to a game? I think it would be fun, and maybe help you get better. I know they pitch this product heavily to golf coaches... and that makes sense to me for something like this. I'm just not sure a regular weekend warrior is going to be into this.

It has potential though. Oh, by the way, it's $15.

iQuest Golf Game

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iGolfPuma says:
I play alot and I think it would be fun. I just don't see alot of people giving up rounds for this. I would for sure give it a try. My foursome goes on a golf trip were we get unlimited golf for 2 days, so this would fit in good there.
Gaul4too says:
The more I play it the more I like it. You can play as many or as few holes as you want. They were at the Orlando PGA Show in January and gave away promo paks and T-shirts. The idea is to become more creative with the clubs you are dealt. The strategy cards are a riot... especially the Steal a Club and Do It Again cards. You can play a foursome with one deck but you play in 2-man teams and play alternate shot, scramble, or best ball. We played it this spring on our annual to Pinehurst - everybody got a deck as a give-away. We chose to play six holes out of 18 on our free day -- a par 5, 4, and 3 on the front and back. There are directions with different ways to play included in the deck. BTW... low handicappers don't use this game as a practice round they bet on specific holes before the cards are dealt. I give it 8/10 stars because I like a strap on the carry bag and it didn't come with one. PS... keep the cards while you play the hole as sometimes you can forget what clubs you were dealt.
w008ags says:
yeah i bought one for $15, and it's pretty fun. i usually play it with my buds for a couple holes, it just makes things interesting. i'd recommend it for sure to just have some fun.
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