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By Kickntrue on 5/28/09
The folks at GreenFinder GPS provided me a copy of their iPhone app (also available on Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile) to check out. For $35/year the app turns your mobile device into a GPS for on course use.

I thought GreenFinder GPS did a pretty good job. The only limitation of accuracy seems to be what the phone's technology allows. They have an extensive course database and the application allows you to quickly ping your location to find courses in your area that are mapped. My area was covered with any courses I regularly play. You can quickly request a course or even map one yourself if you'd like, so courses in the database are not an issue.

My only real issue with it is that it is a standalong GPS replacement, versus other options out there that do things like keep score (and uploading to oob would be nice too). If you're hardcore enough to want GPS you probably keep score too. Sure you can still do that on a scorecard, but you're already hauling the phone around with you. Still, as far as a pure smartphone turned GPS device, this is one of the better if not the best I've seen. The interface is VERY simple and clear, giving front, middle and back distances on each green. If you're a scorecard kind of guy and just want to turn your high-tech phone into a GPS, check out Greenfinder GPS. For $35/year, it's a heck of a lot cheaper than going out and buying a SkyCaddie.

GreenFinder GPS

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dlouder says:
I actually like/prefer the GolfCard range finder. GolfCard is what brought me to this site, and it's easily the best app I have bought so far for my iPhone and I bought it when it was $20!
AbsoluteZero says:
when you say limited by the accuracy of the phone's technology, what phones did you use and how bad was the accuracy on those phones? specificalyl did you try and iphone, and was it 10 feet off, 10 yards off, etc?
blipszyc says:
I've got Greenfinder for my iPhone and found that the phone's GPS to be very good, often only off by 2-3 yards. The one caveat to this, is that the phone must remain on for the GPS to remain accurate. Each time the phone "shuts off" the GPS is also powered down to save battery. This forces GreenFinder to reinitialize the GPS chip each time, and it can take a couple minutes before the appropriate yardage is displayed. This bit me once when I turned on the phone, saw my distance at 160, and put a 7 iron past the hole. When I got back to the cart and my phone, the distance was now 139. I don't use GreenFinder that often so I haven't bought a secondary battery yet, but if you'd want to use this during the course of the game, you'll kill the main battery real quick.

I also just picked up GolfCard but haven't fully explored it yet. I like the scoring features so far, but wish there was a way to quickly change the tees for each player. Didn't think it had a range feature, but I need to read the manual.
birnando says:
Personally I use the wonderful Teeshot application for the iphone. Does it all, Keeps scores, uploads to oobgolf, and uses the built in GPS functionality pretty good.
MAQ says:
I have used teeshot, golftraxx, and golfcard on my iphone. Golftraxx has larger reading on the gps so I do not have to reach for my reading glasses but do not like score keeping aspect of the application, teeshot (all aspects) is very good but the readings on the main screen are to small and I have to reach for my reading glasses to read the yardages and it interfaces with oobgolf. Mostly use Golfcard now because i like the scorecard layout,and interface with oobgolf, but wish I did not have to switch so many screens for using the gps.
halldl07 says:
I have sworn by View Ti Golf for 4 months now. I have tried Golf Card, but like others, I dont like how many screens I need to manipulate. View Ti Golf for the iPhone uses Google Earth technology for yardage (VERY accurate), and you can track all the pertinent data right along with it.
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