EA Sports Tiger Woods Subsciption PC Service
By Kickntrue on 5/29/09
EA Sports is going to launch a subscription based service for their Tiger Woods video game franchise.
Electronic Arts will release a version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour requiring only a Web browser and Internet connection, the publisher says in a statement.

Golf games played in Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online will be "dynamically streamed" to a browser, meaning neither a game installation nor a disc.

"Whether you have ten minutes on your PC in the office, or hours on your Mac at home, this is a golf game that makes time for you," says executive producer Mike Taramykin in a statement.
They haven't released their pricing structure yeat, but it should be interesting.

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mjaber says:
I'd rather see them build patches for older versions to update them to the new version. They do a great job of keeping their PC games (TW, Madden) able to run on older machines like mine, but I hate that I can't update my older version of the game to incorporate the new features.
Backquak says:
I just started playing world golf tour online, it's fun and frustrating, I haven't come close to mastering it yet, and I was thinking it was just too hard, but apparently there are some people out there that have mastered it cause their scores are way better than mine. I always thought Tiger was too easy but after playing world golf tour I may go back to Tiger just to boost my ego.
benhogan531 says:
The used to play TW but after the '09 version was made waaaaay too easy I found an online golf game that is by far the best out there. Utour.com You can play for free or play matches vs others for 50 cents to whatever you want. The best part about this game is that no matter how good you get at it you can still mess up. Unlike TW.
ipv6freely says:
Tiger Woods PGA tour for the iPhone is worth every penny, for anyone looking for something to do while on the throne :)
GameDayDog says:
No thanks.. I'm addicted to Hot Shots golf for the PS3... I'll play Tiger Woods.. if they put Barkley in the game.. :D
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