Radar Golf
By Kickntrue on 6/9/09
There are so many things that probably make this a gimmick, but it seems awesome. You carry a handheld unit that locates a tracker in your golf ball, so you can never lose it.

I could say a bunch more about this good and bad, but I'm sure you guys will say it for me. What do you think?


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brad6432 says:
Not to get too political, but it seems like these are using Obama technology. Think of all the balls that will be saved and not lost. You have 'saved or created' 20 dozen balls when you only really have 1 dozen. Just like JOBS in America.
Ben Crane says:
I don't need radar golf to tell me my lost ball is in the bottom of a water hazard
jerdman says:
I can't wait to find a radar golf golfball on the course from some poor sap who failed at technology. I bet its like hitting a molitor that costs more than a proV1 and are less likely to randomly lose so it ends up looking like a driving range ball after 5 rounds. Best golf idea ever, best scam too.
mjaber says:
They'd probably sell more if they incorporated a GPS Range finder into the technology, so that you wouldn't have to carry to separate pieces of equipment.
kidputter says:
Hit your ball over a fence in a backyard with dogs. You found it, the hard part is retrieving it.
ToddRobb says:
I think it's actually a damn good idea. The only problem is the golf ball companies WANT you to lose your ball. In the perfect world we would be able to buy all brands of balls "with a micro chip" or without. It would be up to you to purchase the devise or not. It would clearly pay for itself very quickly. As it stands, who wants to play a Radar Golf brand golf ball? Could you imagine if there were Pro V1's with a chip in them so you would never lose them in the rough or in the woods? I think there will be some form of this that will be standard in the future.
ToddRobb says:
It would be up to you to purchase the device not devise ,, sorry about that
Ben Crane says:
I'd rather have some kind of epoxy for touch-ups to a scuffed ProV1.
Shankapotamus says:
$40 for a dozen balls is less expensive than I would have thought. Still, I'm not buying in. Most of the time a ball can't be found, it is in a hazard and the rules allow you to substitute a ball if the ball is not immediately recoverable. When I'm in that situation, I am more concerned about the bad shot I just hit and the penalty strokes incurred than I am about not recovering the ball. This product's success could be it's own demise. There isn't anything that connects your radar device to your ball. If everyone started using these balls, they'd be all over the course and the radar wouldn't work.
mschad says:
Being one that can not see the ball as far anymore, or sometimes doesn't even pick it up off the club head, I think this could have some value. I don't play (practice) much alone any longer just because I loose to many balls.
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