Will Get You On Private Courses
By Kickntrue on 6/25/09
Have you ever wanted to play a private course but didn't have a way to get on? Meet
Our goal is simple... enable you, the avid golfer, to access private clubs across town and throughout the country. Using our inventive network, committed players are discovering new golf opportunities at exclusive courses and forging meaningful relationships with fellow golfers. Isn't it time to broaden your game's horizons? Join our network today and take your game further!
The first 2000 members of this brand new service can join for $49 (you still have to pay for your rounds at the courses, obviously). Right now, Boxgroove is focused in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Viginia and Florida. I'm sure they're working on creeping into some other states real soon. I know when they hit Maryland and Virginia, I'm going to be all over it!

If you are in those states, you should check out their courses and see what they have near you (plus they are an advertiser on oobgolf so they'll appreciate your clicks).

I wouldn't be surprised to see more and more of this happening real soon. I know golf courses are some of the most hit during this economy because their margins are low. Private courses especially are really struggling. This gives the ability to find new golfers, potential new members and additional sources of revenue while staying exclusive. Kind of a win-win for the golfer and the course.
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M.Nugent says:
Can it get me in at "The Country Club" in Brookline MA?? Ive played there once (HS golf team) and it is beautiful.
ibashdaily says:
My golf buddies and I have been using the TeeTime Golf pass, where you pay 55$ for a yearly membership and you get discounted greens fees as well as chances to play at private clubs. The discounts are so good that it has already paid for itself. I believe it's only available in the PA/MD/NJ area, although I could be wrong.
Ben Crane says:
The TeeTime Golf Pass is available in two editions. I'm at $345 savings so far this year. I didn't read the article, but I'm sure BoxGroove will be charging a premium on top of the greens fee?
Kickntrue says:
@ben crane- yes, you still pay for the tee times. I think the concept is completely different from TeeTime. While they have some deals on private courses, this is all about Private courses. The idea would be to play Country Clubs you'd never have access to with a discout book.
k-von says:
Seems like a much better deal for the Club compared to the "perspective member." I think charging on both ends is greedy/foolish.
Boxgroove says:
Mr. Crane: I saw your post and thought I would clarify last statement. does NOT charge any premium on top of the greens fee. Each course determines there own pricing.
Boxgroove says:
If anybody has questions about our product please feel free to call customer service at 888-918-1872 or email us at We welcome any comments or feedback. Enjoy new opportunities to play more courses and meet new golf friends.
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