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By Kickntrue on 7/10/09
Are you without an iPhone and feel like you're getting the raw deal with no phone tracking score app? Meet Golf Companion.

Golf Companion works on most phones* and allows you to keep track of your score and statistics while on the course. At the end of the round you can upload the scores to oobgolf! Pretty sweet deal! The cost of the app is 11 Euro, so $15.35 USD. At the end of the round it costs a couple cents of data transmission to upload the score, but no data plan is required.

Finally, everyone with a Razr can rejoice!

Golf Companion Site
Instructions (Opens Word .doc)

* GolfCompanion is a Java application and requires Java MIDP2.0, which is available in most of the present mobiles (except iPhone). Since the java implementation varies between different manufacturers, one should always install the application and verify that it works properly before buying it.

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Emchen says:
Found a review:

Sounds good! Free trial.
Jim Karam says:
Is this software working with Oobgolf yet? When I try to select either the web account or golf course, I get a Java null exception error.
GolfCompanion says:
Jim: What version do you use? version 2.6 is integrated, erlier versions is not. If you download directly from our site you will get the correct version. If you have the correct version and it doesn't work please contact us on with info on the problem and which handset you use. /Regards GolfCompanion
d95mk says:
Seems to work fine on my Nokia. Nice app ! Now I don't need to change to iPhone :-)
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