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iPod/Bluetooth Ready Rain Gear
By Kickntrue on 7/13/09
The idea that a rain outfit is Bluetooth enabled seems crazy, even to a guy that spends 18 hours a day in front of a computer.
This month the Polo Ralph Lauren company adds a new twist to the sights and sounds of the courseGÇöa golf rain jacket with Bluetooth-enabled sleeve. Yes, you can now listen to your favorite songs, dial numbers, or text your mistressGÇöin the rainGÇöusing the Bluetooth wireless protocol. The implications are enormous.
I hate golfers who talk on the cells constantly while enjoying a round of golf, though clearly oob in general is all about technology on the course with our mobile scoring partners as well as our own oobgolf mobile. The more practical appliction would seem someone using it to listen to music through Bluetooth, but I can't say I've ever seen someone wearing headphones while golfing and the thought has really never crossed my mind, even when alone. This in itself is the real problem with the product. You don't NEED a 72 inch television, but you can certainly see why it would be useful and awesome to have. Bluetooth jacket... not so much.

The much better use would be to buy this gear and wear it skiing where listening to music makes much more sense. Of course- since the top and bottom cost a combined $1000, maybe I'll just deal with my cord or leave the phone in the cart.


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oobscott2 says:
i play a lot of golf alone, as well as practice, and i listen to my ipod all the time. when there is no one to talk to, i think its more enjoyable
woobwoob says:
I use my iPod everytime I play. Great way to shake off a blow-up hole
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