Shaft Skinz Make You Fancy
By Kickntrue on 8/7/09
It wasn't intentional but it seems today is shaping up to be vanity golf gear day! Wedge shafts from Wedge Guy. Naming your Big Stick. And now, the idea of putting colorful patterns on your shafts- to give you a little more flavor. Now all we need is a post on a good man purse and the day will be made! (Don't bet on it.)

Shaft Skinz not only help protect your golf club shafts but they add a personal flair as well. A lot of LPGA players are adding these to their clubs, but I think their could be a masculine add-on if done correctly. There are a lot of shafts on the site to look at but I think for these to really take off to the end consumer they need to be able to customize their own Skinz. The other downside is that you buy the Shaft Skinz and are then responsible for getting them on your clubs yourself, which for someone like me means at least 4 or 5 wasted Skinz from screwing up. They are not that cheap either- at about $60-$65 to outfit your whole set.

So- I guess the real question I have is this- would you do it? Cost aside, and assuming you can get them on your clubs without issue- would you do it? I guess to me- that answer either proves or disproves the viability of their product. The rest they can continue to work on.

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leeheppjr says:
Remember, not all hair dryers are alike! Kinda cool, but gimmicky feel.
mngolfballer09 says:
I couldn't look down when i am hitting
Patrick McKay says:
Heck ya, these are fun
kidputter says:
What's next? Lacy frue-frue headcovers with matching jewelry pouch?
Kickntrue says:
@kidputter- I hear you- but it isn't all girly. Would you complain if TaylorMade designed their new R11 with a crazy shaft? Probably not- the public would go - "Aww, sweet! Doing something with the boring old shafts."
kidputter says:
Maybe the public that likes listening to show tunes and shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
Barroomhero says:
Bedazzler head covers?
kis3r says:
Cost aside, no, I would never put some snake skin looking stick on my club shaft. The fact that its a $60 sticker set, definitely not. Maybe if it were $15 and they printed a carbon fiber one...
Josh says:
I'm with kidputter on this, I'd never do it.
k-von says:
Looks boss to me. If I was 15 and sponsored I would probably rock them. But being 28 and unemployed is a fairly different story...
Tim Horan says:
Where's ya sense of fun? Great gimmick I'd change them each year. It is better than posing with your NVS 65, Striper or whatever...or feeling shamed by still using five year old shaft technology...keeps everyone guessing.
birdieXris says:
i remember seeing these on fore inventors only or something like that... He had said that they were looking into doing collegiate ones too. That would be cool. I think it would be better if there were a way to get them only to go maybe 1/2 way down, or maybe just a band or something. A full length one that's crazy looking like that is a little much on the eyes.

I also agree that $60 is a little much. I'd go for more like $30 tops and $15-20 average.
oboa says:
I just bought a 4-pack on eBay for $10 plus $5 shipping. They have a few different styles and at least 4 colors. Mine are the red flames and match the paint on my new bike. Everyone at the first tee said they looked cool and asked about them.
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