Blackberry App With oob Integration!
By Kickntrue on 8/12/09
Rejoice, ye Crackberry addicts. An application doth exist and yer' problems be the solved.

Golf Companion who also has a java based app with oob integration now has a Blackberry App. You can now track your score and statistics while on the course and at the end of the round you can upload the scores to oobgolf! Pretty sweet deal! The download is free and then you pay to activate the app and get data. The cost of that is 11 Euro, so $15.35 USD.

It's been a long time coming to find a partner that really takes care of the Blackberry folks. It's even been tested and works on the Storm (haha- you have the Storm).

Golf Companion Site
The App
Instructions (Opens Word .doc)
oobgof Integration Instructions (Opens Word .doc)

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KVSmith59 says:
argh.. was waiting for something like this...couldn't wait any longer and bought the Callaway UPro....
mschad says:
The app is nice, but if all you want is score and stats, mobile.oobgolf allows you to do this. What I want is an easy to use all-in-one; score card and GPS that integrates with OOB!
Shooter Mcgowan says:
@mschad that would be awesome. especially if you allow others to track you GPS location on the course with a satelitte map overlay.
jwilder78 says:
The Golfshot GPS app for the iPhone looks absolutely incredible, I'm wondering if it will get ported to other phones in the future. I'd gladly take that b/c it really does it all, it looks even better than the top-end standalone GPS units...It doesn't automatically upload to oobgolf, but that seems like a pretty simple task once you have all the data already captured.
(and no I'm not a Golfshot shill, I'm just trying to hold out like KVSmith's hard not to pull the trigger!)
unixnerd says:
Golf Card for the Google Phone and iPhone rocks. GPS, Score analysis, shot markings...integration with OOBGOLF.....oh yeah, and it cost 7 bucks. Get the google Android phone.
GolfCompanion says:
It would be nice to get some feedback on the usability of the application and the oob integration on blackberry since the UI is targeted for javaMe phones, feed back can be sent on our homepage. Good points will be rewarded with free licens.

GolfCompanion is a digital scorecard with easy to use fast entering of up to 4 playres scores and stats. It also take cares of calculating slope and stableford points. It is a stand alone aplication that is targeted to be easy to use for all those cheap camera phones out there as well as more high end devices.

We will consider to integrate GPS if enough peaople wants it. Wich GPS features are most valuable? Distance to green and shot lenght would be easiest to add.
d95mk says:
Hi I'm currently running GolfCompanion on a Nokia which has GPS capabilities. I like the app. It's nice and easy to use. I would like GPS functionality and in that case prefferably distance to green and capabilities to mark greenposition with my own app (for future use) if such data is not present in the course.

Keep up the good work !
jonkarn says:
I have been using Golfshot for the iPhone. Its a great application, looks great with google maps aerial views and ability to touch and drag points to check distances, has obstacles marked with distances, and 150/100 layup distances as well. Only issue is the time it takes to gather satellite data, maybe 20 seconds to get accurate yardage. Doesnt change on the fly with movement like standalone golf gps units. I have an iGolf that I still use to compare to Golfshot. I am not completely confident in the iPhone app yardage, although i wasnt all that confident with igolf either, lol. The scorecard is great and easy to use, and it keeps stats like fairways hit, GIR, scrambling %, putts, putts per GIR, score to par, and has them graphed out. Really cool and you have that info immediately when you finish your round. When I get home I enter the scorecard into OOB. I would love this app to sync with OOB automatically, but its not a huge deal. Golfshot is $25, and worth it. Comeone OOB hook it up!
SingleDigits says:
Note: the GPS accuracy for all cell phones on the market today including the iPhone and all blackberries is about +/- 5 to 10 meters, which is fine for driving directions by not so great for golf. Here's some more info:

p.s. GPS is a big battery drain for phones -- you can save your battery by turning off GPS when not in use.
Kickntrue says:
@jonkarn- We reach out to many developers. Some have chosen to work with us- some do not. Email Golfshot and tell them you want this. We're open to everyone- it's in their court.
Emchen says:
With an accuracy of +-10 meters I would say that a GPS would be of no help to me. Add some wind and heigth differenca and it is still anyones guess which club to use... however to be able to mark and store your average driving length would be fun (and proberbly a bit dissapointing). Please add that to GC.
mschad says:
@GolfCompanion: front,center,back and shot distance at minimum. Getting to spec which club was used with the shot distance so you could average how far you hit each club would be awesome.
mschad says:
@SingleDigits: I use an external blue tooth GPS puck on my Blackberry. I have checked it against other devices like SkyCaddie, iGolf etc and all are within 3 yards of each other.
SingleDigits says:
@mschad: very good point. You can buy an external GPS device that communicates to your Blackberry, iPhone, etc. That can give you +/- 1 to 3 meters.

BTW, I found these instructions to test GPS accuracy. Note: These steps may vary depending upon your BB model (e.g. 8820, 8830).

On your BB 8800, select the Settings icon from the main screen. Next, select Options, then Advanced Options, then GPS, and highlight Device GPS (that's the embedded GPS chip). Next, go outside avoiding any buildings/trees so that you have a clear view of the sky. Use the BB's menu key, then highlight and select Refresh GPS. That will tell the GPS chip to scan the sky for satellites circling the Earth. After a few minutes, the screen will be refreshed and it will show the number of satellites that your BB found. In addition, it will also compute the "Accuracy" that is being obtained by your BB. Any application will only be as accurate as the GPS data stream that is being provided to it by your BB's integrated GPS chip.
SingleDigits says:
Here' the last part of the instructions:

While your results may vary, we have noticed that the Blackberry's internal chip varies in accuracy from less than 10 meters/yards to more than 10 meters/yards. Since 10 meters/yards is approximately the delta distance between clubs for most folks (e.g. 7 iron goes 155 yards, 6 iron goes 165 yards) it is very important for golf that the accuracy readings from your GPS receiver/chip are less than 10 meters/yards. Otherwise, you might find yourself hitting the wrong club. You can use the GPS Refresh routine multiple times to see how your Blackberry's embedded GPS chip responds at various locations (i.e. out in the open, under trees, etc). Once you have verified that the accuracy of your Blackberry's GPS chip is consistently less than 10 meters, please exit out of the GPS screens and return to your Blackberry's main menu.
cliffnc says:
Golfshot for Iphone is great. It is natural to use its scorecard while using it as a range finder. It would be great it Oobsgolf can import golfshot scorecard. I love oobsgolf but it is too inconvenient to enter the score card to oobsgolf manually.

Integration between Oobs and Golfshot will be awesome.
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