Booking Golf Outings
By Kickntrue on 8/25/09
Sometimes golf needs to happen outside of the regular foursome. When it does- how do you book those trips?

Do you have the leader of the group make it happen, from hotels to tee times or do you call on a travel agency? If you're going the travel agency route- there are a few golf specific services available including Golfpac Travel which may be the biggest. Personally, I prefer to go the small company route which is why I'd rather try a new service- par5concierge - which is a company founded by one of our very own, Kris Hubert. One look at his scores- and you know you can trust him... well, at least you know he isn't out spending all day on the golf course!

I think I'm going to start going this route for any outing outside my state. For a small extra fee- these companies will handle everything from getting your group's clubs to the course to where your wives can spa (since she won't let you go alone). Plus... whenever I do an outing I always end up being "that guy" that gets stuck putting it all together- and the stress just isn't worth it.

So yes- this is clearly a bit of a plug for a longtime oober- but it's not just a fluff post. I do want to know if this is something you've done in the past- or if it's easier to just get it done yourself.


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mjaber says:
I've been thinking about doing something like this. I think, at least for me, the best way is to find the place, give anyone who is interested the info, and let them book it themselves. I'll take care of me, and let them take care of them. :)
mbills1015 says:
I can see hiring someone when your going out of the country --- to go to myrtle beach, I don't think its that hard to get things sorted out. I always wonder what I'm really paying that company in the end to set everything up for me... it may be a misconception, but I feel like I'm going to pay less if I plan it myself.
mjaber says:
I might use them for a smaller group, especially if I was trying to use points/miles from frequent traveller programs. It can get complicated trying to book trips that way, and I could see them being helpful for that. If there was a large group where each person/family was going to be responsible for their own booking, I would book it myself, however I would let others, who may not do as much travelling as me, know about this option.
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