Ulitimate Golf Seating
By Kickntrue on 9/1/09
Just because you ride in a golf cart doesn't mean you can't do it with comfort and style. I gotta tell you- I see a lot of golf products that are just... well, useless. The Ultimate Golf Seat has a use, if you can afford it. It basically takes your standard golf seat and turns it into a luxury bucket seat complete with armrests and lumbar support.

At $1200 for a pair of bucket seats (oh- and you'll have to buy a golf cart) complete with a middle console you can know if you decide to make the purchase the grannies and grandpas you drive by will be thinking one thing, "THAT'S PIMPED OUT!"


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Banker85 says:
the things people waste money on.
falcon50driver says:
Does it come with an alarm clock to wake you up after you fall asleep cruising to your ball? Yeah Golf's a SPORT.
kidputter says:
Who would surrender 24 rounds of golf to own these?
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