GolfCard also integrates with Android
GolfCardMGR Allows Faster GPS Mapping
By Kickntrue on 9/9/09


You can now add GPS coordinates for use with the iPhone and Android app GolfCard using their new GolfCardMGR program. This application makes it much easier to add a course to GolfCard's ever growing database of GPS mapped courses.

GolfCard intergrates with oobgolf and can be used as both a scorecard and GPS Rangefinder. GolfCard is one of the top selling golf applications in the Apple App Store and sells for $7.99.

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* While oobgolf integrates with GolfCard and various other 3rd party applications, oobgolf is not responsible for the content or support of these programs and while we provide data integration capibilities for our users oobgolf does not make any money from the direct sale of these applications. Any questions regarding actually functionality of any of our partner apps should be directed to the developers.

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StxLax says:
Every time I upload a score from Golfcard it doesn't factor into the Handicap until i log on the the computer click edit score and save it again. Any ideas...
Backquak says:
It only does that to me if the course is not updated on OOB, like I updated a course on my phone then uploaded a score, no change in hcp cause the oob course data doesn't match, then I update the course on the oob site and edit the score and it works, so now you have to go to the courses and re add the facility so you get the data from oob on the phone and it works correctly. At least thats what happened to me, when you update a course on the phone APP it doesn't update the online version, you have to go to oob for them to sync, then reload it on the phone. Did I just repeat myself, sorry hope that helps
dlouder says:
@ StxLax - Thats because you probably created the course in your iPhone, as opposed to downloading the course from OOB. I had the same issues, then realized what I did. I deleted the old course (alos deleting all my old scores) and got the course. It nows works like a dream.

On a side note, I emailed GoldCard yesterday asking them about when they will allow stats for OOB Addicts, and they informed me they are working on it. They are not sure when that will be available, but it'll become an option when you set your username and password in GolfCard, and allow it to push those additional stats tracked to OOB.
jericho730 says:
It looks identical to the old AppSafe version of adding courses. IGÇÖll have to check it out when I get home. ItGÇÖs really easy to add all the GPS points you want. I have mapped probably 20 courses or more and uploaded them for everyone to use. Every time I play a new course I go into this program and map it. It probably takes 10 minutes per course after you get the hang of it. The downfall is one course I have mapped has made some hole changes since the Google earth type aerial photos were taken. So, like 4 holes on the course are incorrect. The only thing that would be awesome for them to add is the ability to measure distances while in the golfcardMGR program I know appsafe didnGÇÖt have that ability.
jeremyheslop says:
I have been loving GolfCard. I've used it for 5 rounds now and it helps alot. Knowing the clubs, distances and scores from the last round really helps. The 2 courses I've played so far where not GPS'd yet so I marked the tees and the greens when I played then created a backup from GolfCard to GolfCardMGR. Then edited the courses to add the front/back of greens, hazards, etc. It's nice to know about how far I've hit the ball and now that I've entered the coordinates I will know how far I need to go after marking each ball. Best $8 I've spent for my just starting golf game.
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