smartSCORECARD+ Now Available
By Kickntrue on 9/16/09
You can now download SmartSCORECARD+ in the iTunes App Store for $4.99. Here is a link to the FREE smartSCORECARD for oobgolf.

You can now:

1) Mix oobgolf members and non-oobgolf members on a scorecard to track a round.

2) You can choose number of holes you played (front 9, back 9, 18) and choose the type of round you're playing (standard, practice, tournament).

3) Edit and view previously entered rounds.

4) Email your score from the iPhone

5) Expanded course guide which allows for automatic re-orientation of a course and the ability to track a shot's distance on a map overlay.

6) More stuff I'm sure.

Download smartSCORECARD+
Download smartSCORECARD+ Site and Support

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jamesoliverjr says:
the shot-distance-measurement capability is nice IF you don't have a sky caddie, which i do. while it's great the price has come down on this app, other than the aforementioned new feature, i don't see any significant benefit to justify paying for this app. the free version works great.
chuck.han says:
@jamesolverjr: Damn. I shouldn't have made the free version work so great :-)

Note that this is the app that I'll continue to update with both requested features from users (such as providing the course city and state location to distinguish it from same-name courses) as well as future enhancements to the API from the oobgolf guys (such as better GPS data for distance-to-green data).

thanks, Chuck
ncramsey83 says:
Love the free app and we use it exclusively to track our rounds. However, I ran into a problem today on the course. I set up our group to play 18 holes at our local resort course but when we made the turn there were several groups that jumped ahead of us teeing off on #10. Since the front nine was wide open and we were racing against daylight to get 18 in we decided to play the front side again. I could not get the smart scorecard to change from 18 holes to front nine without deleting our round and starting from scratch!! Does the smart scorecard+ allow you to change during the round???
chuck.han says:

There is an info button in the top-right corner now that lets you change several characteristics of the current round (there is now an 'info' button in the top-right corner):

-number of holes (18, front-9, back-9)
-type of round (Standard, Tournament, Practice)
-add/delete players

Note that another difference is that you can start new scorecard even if you haven't completed the current one and go back to it at a later time (an incomplete scorecard will NOT show up on the oobgolf site unless it is the current/live one, but once it's completed, it is on the oobgolf site).

thanks, Chuck
mjaber says:
I like Chuck. He's a programmer, and a pretty good golfer (at least better than me). :)

I don't have an iPhone, and Verizon has blocked the internal GPS on my phone, though, so I don't have anything useful to say about the program. : )
bmp4653 says:
I know there's a bunch of apps out there for gps programs for phones but how accurate can they be? If you really want to track the progress and improve your game from a stats standpoint in conjunction with this website, take a serious look at OnPar GPS. This is one amazing device and with the touchscreen, so simple to use. With this, you will truly know how far you're hitting every club in your bag, what your true stats are, and be able to know distances to any point on a hole with one touch.
mschad says:
@bmp4653 GPS apps for phones can be just as accurate as stand alone GPS devices like OnPar. I have a stand alone hand held and 3 GPS phone apps. They are all +- 3 yards of each other.
ksu_FAN says:
Is there any app like this (that works with oobgolf) for a Windows-based smartphone, in my case an HTC Touch Pro? I've just used mobile to keep score/stats, but something like this looks pretty cool.
barn says:
we have several players who are plus handicaps... how do you enter their handicap for sidegames?
ipv6freely says:
I don't have 3G in my area, so the course map stuff I've never been able to try... but the rest of the features I don't really need... so I'll stick to the free version.
cdasilva9 says:
I have a blackberry 8830 world edition and would really like to download an app that would allow me to post my scores live to oobgolf. Is there anything out there?
chuck.han says:
@barn: Currently, there isn't a way to enter handicaps for side games. Side games is clearly a feature that is clearly missing and is on the todo list...
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