Do You Love Your Umbrella?
By Kickntrue on 9/23/09
Umbrellas are such a pain- but everyone has about 10 of them... none of which work. Until now? GustBuster recently had a Live interview on the Weather Channel and their phones starting ringing off the hook (which you can hear in the background audio DURING the interview). Their retailers started calling because they were running out of stock. Clearly this tells me two things- 1) the President of GustBuster must be one heck of an interview, and 2) people really hate (but care) about their umbrellas.

I bring this up, because golf is an interesting area of umbrella usage. While other walks of life want small, fold-able, compact umbrellas, golf is about a huge spanning opulence. You want to stay dry, along with 14 of your closest buddies, all under one shield. The thing is- while I have a big golf umbrella on my cart bag at all times- I can't remember the last time I've used it. Even when it is raining- I'm usually in a cart (or not golfing since it's raining - duh) and stay dry under the hood.

So- I guess what I'm really wondering is- does anyone have a GustBuster and if I get one, would I actually use it? Sure- the idea of not having it break appeals to me, but I really hate to pay money for something that you just lose or stash away.


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dtomsfan says:
As I get older and start to use a push cart, I notice people using an umbrella to protect themselves from the Sun. I may do that next season.
dooboo says:

It helps you so much from getting tired, especially when walking and sun is beating down on you, no matter whether you are young or old. It looks goofy using umb when its not raining, though. I wonder why pros don't use it. It should give one player an edge, as they are walking 18 holes. It should keep them less tired, especially last few holes...hmmm
activesense says:
I don't own an umbrella, and so far I have been fortunate that my golf has not been interrupted by anything more than a quick shower which I played through. If the weather was bad enough to warrant the use of an umbrella I wouldn't be playing. My scores are not good enough (yet) to get serious about playing through all weather. Who knows what next season will bring.
I like the idea of a sun umbrella though, I may consider making the investment for next year.
TWUES17 says:
I've played in monsoon-type rains, brought my umbrella, and still never used it. Worst purchase I've ever made. Put that money towards some zero restriction rain gear and you'll be money. Rain is no excuse to not play.

Can't say I agree on the sun-blocking-umbrella comments. I saw a guy rocking that a few rounds ago and couldn't help but think what an enormous tool he must be. Maybe it was because he coupled that look with one of those fancy push carts that drives itself. You better have some serious game if you are going to rock an umbrella because you don't like the sun. Pretty much the only excuse for doing it is if you've got a pre-existing medical condition.
Bryan K says:
I've used my umbrella once. I was stuck on the middle of a course a good mile from the clubhouse, and the monsoon started out of the blue. The golf cart (which I rarely use anyway) was no shelter to the horizontal rain. We sat for about ten minutes in the cart waiting for the rain to subside, which it eventually did, before finishing the round. Otherwise, I'll just play through the rain unless it's lightning or the tornado sirens are going off.
Bryan K says:
Oh, yes....and my umbrella is a Gust Buster. That one use made the purchase worth it.
Swingem says:
We have a large group that takes an annual trip to Bandon Dunes in February. The weather is definately a crap shoot. Have played a number of rounds in a steady rain and never used an umbrella. One of the new guys did use one a couple years ago and spent a good deal of time managing the thing and chasing it down when the wind came up. Invest your money in a good set of golf specific, waterproof-breathables, and a gore-tex hat with a full brim.
xrayg1971 says:
guys , for 1/2 of this season i was a carry and walk only golfer ... logn story short tore my calf and quad playing baseball and then messed up my back because of it ... when icarried after that i was in pain for a whole day ... then i discovered the clicgear cart and bought that and i cant tell you how amazing it is ... but the best part of it was yet to be discovered ... the umbrella attachment ... the first day i used the cart it was raining ... so naturally i used a regular golf umbrella that i had int he car and the clicgear attachment ... it was awsome ...
xrayg1971 says:
but then somethig happend ... stopped raining the sun came out beaming and it was humid .. yuck ... then i noticed that i stll had the unbrella up and it was at least 10 deg cooler in my shade ,,, and that was the start of it ... i went to golfsmith got the biggest , block sattelite reception , unbrella ( color matching tomy cart ofcourse ) and use it all the time now in the sun , rain , whatever ... wen the extra step and bouth the clicgear attachment the extends the umbrella up a few inches and allows you to tilt it any way you want ... must have for 10 bucks ... now the unbrell have ( odeyssey , putter brand ) sucks ... its one of the wind ones but i still think it sucks ... the top parts bends up etc .. im gonna check this gustbuster thing ...
Dusty23 says:
I have had the same old Wilson umbrella for 10-12 yrs, probably comes off the bag once or twice a year, its easier than breaking out rain gear, especially on warmer days. Probably time for a new one, i'm sure its going dryrot out just when i need it. Never thought of using it in the sun, not a bad idea, just a pain to carry around,
Mr_X says:
I own two GustBusters - a red one to match my golf bag and a blue one which lives in the trunk of my Saab. They work beautifully. I have a push cart which I use whenever I play my local nine hole course. The umbrella works well in the holder. It protects me and my bag from the hardest down pours. I have played in heavy rain 4 times this year and only left the course once.
ipv6freely says:
I don't own an umbrella, and don't have any real need for one. If it looks like rain, the most I do is hit the range and go home.
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